A Day with Undle Cody

“Where’s Undle Cody?”

He’d spent the last 45 minutes staring out the window with Lexi waiting for his arrival.  I guess this is why parents don’t tell their children when something is going to happen.  I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have said anything because Cody was 30 minutes late.  I gave him a call.  A few minutes later he called back and informed me he was on his way.  Oh, good, at least I didn’t lie to my kid!

Isaac and I spent some time getting ready for his day with Undle Cody.  We went potty, put sunscreen on, put shoe and a hat on.  Then, outside we went to water the garden and wait some more.

When Cody arrived, Isaac was so happy he didn’t know what to do.  He just stared at Cody.  Finally started talking and I left the boys to be boys for several hours.  When they came inside (after bubbles, bikes, a trip to the park and I’m sure a bunch of other things), Isaac was exhausted.  I asked him one question and he broke down in tears…because he “don’t like monsters” and later because he wanted me.

I managed to get him to eat lunch, before bursting into tears again.  Then he just sat in my lap and cuddled for the longest time.   It is rare to get him to actually want to cuddle any more for longer than a minute.  He has so much energy, so I just held him and enjoyed the peace.  I’m trying to spend more time just enjoying these moments, they are so few and fleeting.

As much as I love the cuddling, I do not enjoy the whiny boy who doesn’t want anything, so I was quite relieved when he woke up from nap his normal self.  I guess a day in the sun with Undle Cody just wore him out.


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