Witness Protection House

When you’ve lived in one place for a while, you begin to notice little things about your neighbors and certain houses.  You wonder about what people do, are doing, thinking, etc.  These morph into stories and ideas about possible situations.  Well, at least in our house.

We have a house that we drive by often.  After six years, we’ve determined it is a safe house or something (not really, but…).   Here are a few of the oddities of this house:

  • We never see the same cars there, even in the garage.
  • Although we see cars, we’ve never seen actually people (except for the yard crew).
  • The yard is well taken care of, by professionals that come once a week.
  • There is a crazy loud and flashing alarm system.

Okay, so really that’s it, but this house has always peaked our interest for some reason.  Not the house next door or across the street…only that house.  And now we refer to it as “The Witness Protection House” – at least we always know what we are referring to.



One thought on “Witness Protection House

  1. I’m very familiar with your description of this house. As a kid growing up we had a house directly across the street from us that we called “the Russian Spy’s House.” It was inhabited by an old Russian gentleman who moved there from Chicago and he demonstrated some odd behavior. Peaking out windows. Mowing the yard at odd hours. Spoke to nobody. Although a joke amongst out family I’m sure such safe houses exist.

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