Negative Nancy

Ever had one of those days where you aren’t happy with anything?  Well, today has been one of those days.  If you were to ask Zach, he’d say it’s been more like a week.  Maybe it’s a sign I need to take a deep breath, lock myself in the bathroom and spend some serious time in prayer.

The day started at 3:30AM when Isaac came into our room, wanting in our bed.  I took him back to his room and within a few minutes he came back saying, “Go Potty Mommy.”  So I took him to the bathroom.  His diaper was freshly wet with hot pee, but he didn’t have any more.  I pulled up his pants, minus any diaper or underwear and put him back in bed.

Then I tossed and turned for hours.  Opened the window because it was hot.  Shut the window because it was too windy.  Over and over.  I obviously fell back to sleep at some point, but it sure didn’t feel like it.

6:30AM…Isaac comes in.  “New undies Mommy.”  He brought me a pair of undies, but as I put them on my hand gets all wet.  Hmm.

“Isaac did you go poopy?”  Yep, sure enough, I turn him around and there is poop on his butt, which is also all over my hand.  I push him towards the bathroom.  He is crying.  I’m trying to find my glasses with my clean hand, but the wind blew them on the floor, so it took a bit.  On my way to the bathroom, I stop at Isaac’s room to see the damage – both dogs come out licking there lips.  I find the pants.  Poop down both legs.  I toss it in the dirty clothes.

I meet Isaac in the hall.  He is still crying.  I’ve still got poop on my hand.  We get to the bathroom, and I realize there is no easy clean up.  This is going to take a shower.  When Isaac sees me turn on the bath water, he starts scream even louder and saying, “I don’t wash my hair.”  It takes a minute to convince him that we are just going to get the poopy off, which reduces his fussing to a whimper.

I get him all cleaned up.   And in a very happy voice he says, “I all clean!  It’s day now.”

“Oh no, it’s not day, it’s night.”

“I see night?”

“No, it’s not night night.  It’s still sleepy time.”  Gosh, I can’t have a kid who sleeps till 10:30 wake up at 6:30, we’d both be miserable by 8!  Thankfully, he didn’t put up a fight.  He just laid in his bed and I didn’t see him again until 9.  A little earlier than normal, but much better than 6:30!

Then 10 comes around.  I’m trying to get something scanned, something I scanned yesterday about three times, and it still didn’t save on my computer and I smell something orangey.   I walk upstairs and Isaac has the Veggie Wash.  He looks at me and quickly sprays the tree as fast as he can.  It was obviously the last thing on his list.  He’d already sprayed five board books (drenched them actually), sprayed his dinosaur and Toothless toys, the couch, the rocker, the pillows, the floor and the windowsil.

I get all that cleaned up and have to go pee, so I tell Isaac he should come with me.  “And get the poopys off.”  Now I didn’t know he was poopy, he never made any indication and the last time I had asked him if had to go I was given and adamant “NO!”  So, I’m trying to clean Isaac up, he’s managed to get it all over and he hates to lay on his back to get cleaned up, but that is really the only way to get to some areas.  He is screaming and wiggling, I’m resting my leg on his chest to keep us both from getting hurt in this clean up and my work phone starts ringing.  My phones really rarely ring, especially my work phone, everything is done via email, unless it’s really urgent.  The second it stops ringing, my cell phone starts ringing.  Had this happened without a screaming kid and a frustrated mommy, it probably would have been no big deal, but it just irritated me more.

I told Isaac he was going to be in diapers for the rest of the day because I didn’t want to deal with him poopying in undies.  Of course, he screamed about that.  I’m really not liking the I’m-two-and-I-want-it-my-way-so-I’m-going-to-meltdown-anytime-you-even-slightly-don’t-go-with-what-I-want stage.  He has been like this for probably about the last week.  We are learning that timeout, work wonders for him….we don’t call it timeout, we just tell him he has to sit somewhere until he does what we asked.  This makes things much easier on us parents.  Every minute or so we ask him if he is going to do what we asked, sometimes it take 5 or 10 minutes, but he eventually comes around.

So Isaac ended up in a diaper.  Zach came home late (when I really could have used him on time), but we survived.  I was just a little negative about the whole thing.   I think the negative part of me, might be feeding off the fit throwing in Isaac…or maybe it’s the other way around.  But I guess that could be a chicken or egg kinda question.   Either way, we both need to get out of this funk and soon or we might just kill Zach.


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