Becoming Active

I want Isaac to enjoy being active.  My parents were work-a-holics, but never instilled a love of being active or outside in us.  I want to give Isaac (and all our kids someday) that.  And example is the best way to do that.

We take Isaac hiking and camping and I’m sure he’ll be fishing before long.  These are all things I never did with my parents, even though they seemed to have done these things before Stacy and I were around.

We’ve got the garden going and with as hot as our house gets in the summer, I’m sure we’ll be spending lots and lots of time outside in the evenings – Missing Adam and Crystal and Addison for sure this year!

But how to we get the exercise in?  How do we get Isaac to love running, biking, swimming and all things athletic?  Well, it starts by example.  We do ride my bike together.  He is already asking to go for rides on my big bike, we just haven’t gotten the bikes out and tuned up yet.  Hopefully, this year, Zach will ride with us.  I think I’ll have to make him ride with Isaac since I was already always behind. 🙂

I started the Couch to 5K program on Monday.  I’ve done it before but never really made it past week 2 (partly because I did week one and two over and over.  As much as I always want to run, a combo of my weak ankles (from breaks and sprains) to my out of shape lungs, always keeps me from pursuing it very long.  Today was Day 2, which went okay, except for the fact that I fell down the stairs earlier in the day and seemed to have hurt myself more than I thought.

It was fun to be on my way home, about a block away and see Isaac and Zach come around the corner.  Isaac riding his orange bike and saying, “I a good driver Mommy!”  Now I just need to create a good playlist that has a faster beat so I move a bit faster.  Any suggestions?


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