I’ve been wanting to listen to the Bible while walking or in the car.  My dad always had Bible tapes and we listened to them all the time as I was growing up.  Anyway, the other day I took the leap and ordered some CDs online from Amazon.

Later that same day, Zach decided to use some of his grad money to by some wireless headphones.  Now that he is done with school, he likes to play video games at night or watch TV in bed.  It’s been an on going battle.  I sleep right through it for hours, until I start dreaming about the sounds and wake up and then can’t get back to sleep….but this literally takes hours, and sometimes I never wake up.  The sounds is what gets me, so he figures headphones would solve the problem.  Again, we ordered from Amazon.

It all was scheduled to arrive on the same day, yesterday.  And yesterday, Zach headphones arrived, but no Bible.  No Bible today.  I finally decided to check in on it.  This morning it was in Kentucky….yep same place it started in three days ago.  Guess it accidentally went to Pennsylvania.   Crazy, in all the years I’ve been ordering from Amazon and sometimes weekly, this is the first time I’ve had a package get “lost,” and it’s not really even lost, just got on the wrong truck.

It amazes be how impatient I can be.  It’s probably why I haven’t lost this last 10 pounds.  Sometimes it’s good to be patient and just wait.  Good things happen for those who wait, right?


Do you ever write a post not really know where it is going, only to find at the end you’ve gone some where you never expected and calmed your own fears?  Maybe even in a round about way?


Mr. Independent

We had an interesting day.  For most of the day Isaac refused to put clothes on.  This is highly unusual, especially when he is temped with outside time, but even that didn’t work.

“Isaac, want to go to the mailbox with me?”


“Then you need to go get pants and a shirt.”

“Umm…I don’t think so.”

“Okay, then I will go without you.”

“Okay.  Can I watch you Mommy?”  As he runs to the window.


I make a quick walk to the mailbox and back (it is on our property, but around the side).  I get back to the front door and it’s locked.  I knock and start to panic, then I realize I have the keys in my hand and I can unlock the front door.  I walk inside.  No Isaac.  I walk upstairs, to find him running out of my room.  I’m pretty sure he climbed up on my bed, so he could look out the side window and watch me.

Later, I had a conference call, so I let Isaac watch a movie in his room.  After my call, I head upstairs, to again find Isaac running out of my room, this time with no undies.  “I went potty Mommy.”  And he jumps back onto his blankets in the middle of his room, right next to a pair of undies that had a tiny dribble.  Now, this is a first, that he took his own undies off and went potty without announcing it and begging for help.

Finally, after nap, Isaac was playing downstairs while I was finishing up an e-mail.  I hear him stop chattering and the sound of liquid.  I look over and he is frozen, watching pee drip between his legs.  As soon as he was done, he breaks into tears, but won’t move.  I pick him up and move him over his toys and tell him to go get new undies and a towel.  He continues to cry and S-L-O-W-L-Y climbs the stairs.  When he reaches the stairs he breaks into angry screams until he gets to the top.  Then he is silent – for about 10 minutes – when Zach gets home and Isaac hears the garage door.  He comes running down, happy as can be, with a towel over his shoulder and clean undies in his hand.

So much fun having an independent little guy.  At least he still cuddles with me every morning and night.  They really do grow up fast.  It’s great seeing their achievements and celebrating with them, but a little sad to know they’ll never be so little again.

New Contact

The last two weeks have been filled with appointments.  On top of my chiropractor appointments, I decided I needed to do my annuals (although I still haven’t gotten around to the whole dentist thing).  So last week I went to the eye doctor.

I have great vision insurance.  They pay for new frames and lenses every year or you can use a certain dollar amount towards contacts, although, I will always use it towards a pair of eyewear because I love my glasses that much.  This year, I decided that I wanted to try contacts as well, just pay out of pocket.

My appointment was late in the day and I had to take Isaac with me.  He was his typical investigative self, but he was sooo good.  We had to wait in the waiting area for about twenty minutes and he just climbed on all the chairs, then when they took me back to the first area to look at my eyes, he climbed up in a waiting chair and patiently waited, of course, asking questions along the way.  In the room, he watched the nurse, continued to ask questions then walked around the room asking me what everything was as we waited for the doctor (another 20 minutes) and of course, I didn’t know what anything was!  When the doctor finally came in she commented on how good Isaac was and he said, “Yep.”  She was nice to him, so he was content to still be a good boy and watch and ask questions.

Finally, I had to decide if I was going to go with contacts or not.  I wore contacts for about four to six months the year we got married, but I went on my honeymoon and returned to dry, dry Colorado and never wore them again.  Plus, I always had a heck of a time getting them in and out, it just didn’t seem worth it.

But….I HATE the rain in my glasses, because I get spots.  I HATE my dogs getting in my face because they manage to get their noses on my glasses and give me smudges.  I HATE goofying off with Isaac because he touches my glasses and gives me greasy spots.  This last one, is enough reason to give contacts one more try.

They brought me the contacts and let me put them in while one of the assistants engaged Isaac (he was started to get a little bored.)  I managed to get both contacts in on the first try (that has never happened before) and they felt great and I could see.  Because I have to wear Torics, sometimes it’s a challenge to find the right combination.

We did try on some glasses, during which, Isaac told me several times he needed to go potty, so we finally rushed to the bathroom…yay, no accident.  But they were trying to close and Isaac was bouncing around, so it was hard for me to focus.   I put a few frames on hold and we left.

Let me tell you….these contacts are amazing.  I’ve accidently worn them longer than I’m supposed to each night.  They are just so comfortable that I forget I have them in.  My only issue is that I think one of my eyes, has the wrong weight in it.  I don’t notice it in distance (unless I’m looking at letters), but I have to constantly turn the contact to read…not very good for what I do everyday.  I’m hoping we can get that fixed when I go for my follow up next week, until then I probably won’t wear them to work or I wouldn’t get anything done.

The best thing about the contacts.  Last night Isaac and I were messing around.  He was climbing all over me.  Kissing me nose, eyes, arms, etc. and not once did I get hurt because my glasses were shoved into my face and not once did I get smudges on my glasses.  It was actually fun and enjoyable.  I didn’t waste precious time avoiding contact.  What a blessing!


Not so dreadful

Today was probably the only time I’ve ever appreciated the question: So, when are you going to have another one?  The dreaded questions, but this time it came from the right person – my ObGyn.

Yes, we’ve been trying for over a year.

Yes, my periods are regular.

Yes, we know when to have sex.

Yes, I take my temp every day and chart.

Yes, it took about seven months to get pregnant the first time.

My luteal length changes…it’s as short as 7 as long as 14.  Yes, I know that is too short.

Yes, I have my charts on my phone for you to see.

Thank you for asking.  Thank you for taking concern before I could mention it.  Thank you for testing me.   I was so dreading how to ask.

I might feel helpless in all this, but it’s nice to know someone else has compassion on me.

Adventures in…being a parent

I know by writing this post I’m probably jinxing us, but it’s been such a great two days I feel I need to celebrate and jot it down for those times when things are not so great.

First, let me tell you the last few weeks have been painful.  Isaac has turned into a two year old who knows what he wants and will make it known when he doesn’t get it (read: big tantrum thrower).  We don’t “reward” his horrible behavior, but we it has put us on edge and me especially since I’m home with him all the time and we can’t always go outside and naps are sometimes needed.  He has also taken to saying he doesn’t want everything, especially after he says he is hungry, just for me to settle into work and then he wants something I just offered him.  Talk about frustrating.  And then there is the potty learning.  He knows when he needs to go, but just doesn’t care to tell us….especially with number 2, which just makes more work for everyone.

Well, the last three days I’ve had a perfect little boy.  He has been sooo polite.  He says, “Can I please ….?” for almost everything.  He has calmly played with his cars and sea creatures for long periods of time.  He eaten his meals.  He has not had one accident since his Tuesday morning overnight diaper.  He has picked up his messes, including getting towels to clean off dogs (okay, so he hasn’t been “perfect.”  He did “wash” the dogs with lotion one day and apple sauce another.)  He has slept all night in his bed and even put himself down for nap today!

What can I attribute all this to?

  1. A lot of prayer.
  2. He is in a “good” boy stage.
  3. He has finally learned that talking to us nice gets better results than throwing a fit.
  4. We moved his bed and he is sleeping better, monsters have only been mentioned once.
  5. We threaten (and follow through) to wipe him “like a baby” if he poops in his pants.  Which means we lay him on his back and he HATES this.
  6. We have made a big effort to not always say “no,” unless it is really something bad.  If he wants to brush his teeth and I don’t really feel like it, but nothing else is stopping us, then he gets to brush his teeth.
  7. When he is bored he acts out more.  So more walks, more outside time, more coloring, more talking, more puzzles, new toys (just rotating the ones from upstairs) and letting him “help” when at all possible.
  8. We got a sticker chart for pottying.  He gets one sticker for pee and two for poop.  He LOVES the stickers – who knew?  He hates stickers any other time, so I don’t know why it is working, but really he hasn’t had an accident since we showed him what it was all about and that is saying something.  He gets a treat when he gets it all full, but we still don’t know what that it – maybe an Otter Pop or something. 🙂


He is becoming more independent which is a bit scary.  Let me tell you a little about our day.  Isaac woke up and I was working.  He came downstairs, said “Good Morning Mama,” and went into the kitchen.  I finished up what I was doing and came upstairs to get him cereal (pretty much the only thing he’ll eat in the morning) and he had gotten the milk out of the fridge, taken the lid off and was standing on a chair at the table about to pour milk into an old cup from yesterday.  I somehow kept myself from panicking and asked him if I could get him a clean cup, he agreed and waited.  When I got the new cup, he poured himself a half of cup, put the lid back on the milk, climbed off his chair and put the milk back in the fridge, went back to the table, took one sip of milk and said he needed to go potty.  We went up stairs, took his diaper off and it wasn’t wet.  He peed and peed and peed, got a sticker and then got new undies.  We got him dressed and he returned to the table to finish his milk and pour himself another half cup to drink.

I had to go to the chiropractor and they are kind enough to let Isaac hang out at the front desk while I get adjusted.  He walked right in, ran around the desk and right into the arms of one of the ladies.  Later, when I returned he had the attention of everyone in the wait area, he was coloring and talking and making everyone laugh.

We returned home to eat lunch and then Isaac wandered upstairs.  After a few minutes of quietness went by I decided I should go check on him.  You know the saying, “If it’s quiet they are getting into something.”  I got to the top of the stairs and saw the bathroom door was shut, I panicked, rushed down the hall and opened the door – light was off, no Isaac.  All other doors were closed except for his room.  I expected to find him playing with his toys, but instead, he was in bed, under his covers, all snuggled in with his thumb in his mouth.  I asked him if he was tired, “Yeah, I went to bed all by myself.”  I gave him a kiss and he pulled me down to a hug.

How can you not love being a parent?  I might not have a teaching job, but I am a teacher.  Every day I’m teaching this kid and if we stay involved, he’ll learn more from us then he learns in school.  And as an added bonus, I get to learn along the way too.


Sometimes I want to jump into someone else’s head. See how they think and reason. What do I sound or seem like to them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how others perceive me and how what they say to my face can be and sometimes is far different than what is in their head.

Several weeks ago I had someone say they would write me a letter of recommendations and yet they never did and never responded to my many “are you still doing this?” requests. I understand that it was bad timing and they can be a challenge to write, but I would have really liked some honesty. A, “no I don’t really feel like I could do you justice eight now,” would have been sufficient.

Since then and through this whole job search I’ve been thinking about how we as people interact and perceive each other. Rarely do we surround ourselves with people who don’t believe in us. For example, I believe my husband is good at his job and I generally take his side of things if it domes up, but is his always in the right? Does he really do a good job. I’m sure there are people who are fired from jobs who still believe they were doing a good job. Do we just have super-sized egos? Believing we are always right and can do no wrong?

But then there are the people who are not honest and straightforward. These people seem to be in high numbers. You know, the ones who say you are great and then behind your back can’t say one nice thing. You know the ones who say they are your friends, but are never around to return your call.

I think it’s too easy in our society to fall into being “nice” about things instead of having integrity and being honest. I don’t even know been honest is really a desired characteristic today, but I believe it should be Nd as such I will try to live every day with integrity.

Silly Songs

Isaac really sings almost everything…well at least when he is happy. Now that he is more imaginative and communicative his little singing voice tells us everything that is going on in his little head.

Yesterday we were all in the kitchen cooking, Isaac was up on his stool singing away. He got down and went upstairs still singing, but changed the words. I can’t remember exactly what he said but the basic drift was he’d peed his pants and needed new undies because his were wetland so was his chair. After a few times, Zach asked him if he peed, and where, sure enough there was a puddle under his chair. We were so busy, I doubt we would have noticed and just assumed we’d spilt water on the ground. Poor like ISA. Gave himself away.

Three Day Weekend

My three day weekend has gone far too fast.  It’s 11PM on Monday and I can’t believe I have to go back to work tomorrow!  At least it is only for four days. 🙂

On Saturday we got Mom out of the house.  I’d been wanting a blackberry shake from GoodTimes, so we ventured out, grabbed Mom, got our GoodTimes and went to the Promenade to let Isaac splash in the water.  We found Mom a spot in the shade and encouraged Isaac to play (he was a little skeptical at first).  Soon, Isaac was chatting with little girls and running back to us and then Grandma.  He found a girl about his age that is just kept putting his hand on her back, looking in her eyes, holding her hand, playing together.  It was adorable.  And then he found some girls that were about 11 and would go up to them and sit, pat their hair, chat with them.  I guess staying at home hasn’t made his anti-social. 🙂

Yesterday, we had Mom and Dad over for dinner for Father’s Day.  It was good to just have us. After dinner Isaac wanted to watch Word World, but we talked him into Oceans.  While everyone watched Oceans, I worked on my cupcake bites.  They are extremely ugly, so you will not see photos.  They tasted pretty good, but more than two bites got to be too much.  They were so sweet!  I made Bailey’s Carmel Buttercream frosting and mixed that in with white cake, cinnamon marshmallows and in half the batch added some pecans for Zach.

Last night is was stormy.  I don’t know why we didn’t think to close the windows when we went to bed, but we didn’t.  At 4AM when I was woken up by the lightening, I wondered about water getting in the house.  I checked the dining room and sure enough, there was a big puddle on the floor.  I cleaned it up and when to check on Isaac.  His bed is directly under the window that was fully open.  Thankfully, he has a curtain, that absorbed most of the water and only half his bed was wet and not the side he was sleeping on.  I moved him to our room to sleep out the night – he didn’t even wake up!

With the storm and cold and my boys in bed, it was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed to go to the chiropractor, but I managed.  I’m getting better, just not fixed yet.  When I got home, I crawled back into bed, Isaac cuddled into me and I slept for another two hours.  We all woke up at 11AM for the second time this weekend!  We still managed to have lunch with Cody and Ron, watch a movie and cook two BIG meals to freeze.  We are working on getting quick freezer meals in our freezer, so we can relax as a family more.

We have two weekends left until we go to Washington…it’s coming up so quickly!

SFG Update #3

I don’t have good photos for this week – mainly because I’m lazy, but our garden is looking beautiful.

I just picked some lettuce to eat with dinner.  Our spinach is looking good, as is everything else.  It’s exciting that we will have all this beautiful food in such a short time.  I hope it makes it through our week and a half gone in the hottest weather!

We’ve got quite a few beautiful looking strawberries, that haven’t been eaten by birds.  When Isaac wakes up, I’m going to let him pick them and eat them.  It makes me smile just thinking about it. He is going to be so excited!

In a few weeks we are going up to Washington.  We are staying at “the farm,” which is where Zach really got the gardening bug.  We’ve been telling Isaac about the dogs and chickens and swings and strawberries, and of course, DeDe and Greg.  This morning he said, “I love DeDe.  I want to go to DeDe’s house.”  At least he’ll be prepared.

Our New Member

When we bought our house six years ago, we were so excited that it came with a fridge – a side-by-side, with water and ice.  We thought we’d hit the jackpot.  And then we actually lived with the fridge.

It was too big for our kitchen and the space it had.  We only have one lower cabinet and because of the fridge we could only open the door halfway and it would always shut on you, it couldn’t stay open on it’s own.  We only have two drawers in the kitchen, but have only ever used one, because the other would only open about two inches….because of the fridge.  The fridge also had it’s limitations.  We could only open the freezer about 3/4 of the way, the ice/water stopped working years ago and when we fixed it, it worked for week before it just started spraying water all over the freezer, so we turned it off and never used it again.  We’ve been without ice for at least three years and we’ve recently started to miss it.

We’ve toyed with getting a new fridge for the last several years, but we’ve never mustered up the desire to spend the money on it.  Plus, we really wanted a fancy one that just would’t work in the kitchen.  So, last week when we noticed our fridge was as warm as the house and freezer was as cold as the fridge was supposed to be, it didn’t take long to realize getting a new fridge was in our best interest.

Before I came to the conclusion of getting a new fridge, I did research to identify the issue.  I’m pretty sure it was having a defrost issue, but because it is a GE machine, it doesn’t have a timer, it is all worked into the Motherboard…so if that is what failed, oh gosh, I don’t even want to deal with it, we’ve been there, done that with GE.  The next thing it could be we could fix for about $100 bucks, but again, no guarantee that we would have fixed the problem and we HATE the fridge.  Plus, we had finally decided that we really just needed the simplest of simple refridgerators….top freezer, no water, white…you know the cheapest kind out there.  So in the end the headache of keeping food cold while we waited to get a piece of crap fixed for half of what we could spend on a new one just didn’t sound like a good idea.

So we got a new fridge.  We had to wait almost a week for it because we wanted it in white.  Thank goodness we have a chest freezer and the freezer was working like a fridge, or I don’t know what we would have done.  The new fridge is a bit taller than the old one and just as deep, but it’s a few inches smaller in width, which mean, I actually can open the cabinet almost all the way – so much easier for getting pans in and out – and the drawer now opens about six inches – enough to actually make it a functioning drawer.  I was so happy yesterday!  If you’ve cooked or done anything in my kitchen, you’ll understand how exciting this is.

The only challenge is Isaac can open this new fridge.  And likes to slam it, making the freezer on top pop open.  Might have to get some sort of safety lock so we don’t overwork this new fridge too quickly. 🙂