Left to wonder…

Today is a day of wondering.

Isaac still has a slight limp, so we called the doctor today.  After explaining to the nurse that he had no swelling, or bruising and hasn’t complained of it hurting since Saturday night, she still wanted him to come in.  So after work (and nap) we headed down to the doctor.  We saw the same pediatrician who first saw Isaac after he was born at the same hospital where Isaac was born.  It was like a trip down memory lane!  But I digress.

I’d told Isaac where we were going and as such he insisted on bringing his blanket (which normally stays in his room).  I knew if they decided to do x-rays, it would probably be good to have, so I didn’t fight it.  When he got called back, they wanted to take his weight without the blanket.  He got worried faced.  Then she hit him with the ear thermometer.  Wrong move….he started screaming.  We got back to our room, where she wanted to take his pulse, so he continued to scream.  After she left, Isaac settled down and I talked to him about how the doctor was going to come in, talk to us, look at Isaac’s foot and then we’d go home to see Daddy.  There was nothing scary.

We had much better success with the doctor.  He was calm and slow and talked to Isaac, which worked just fine.   After an examination, it was determined that he most likely just has a bruised bone.  If I wanted he would have done x-rays, but frankly, I was sure if it was broken he’d be in far more pain, but we are still left to wonder.  We decided wearing hard soled shoes for the next week or so would help and if he worsens I’ll bring him back.

My other “wonder” comes from the job I interviewed for a week ago.  They called today, but I don’t tend to answer my home phone during my work day.  They didn’t leave a message.  So I’m left to wonder, did they not leave a message because I didn’t get the job and they figure “ah, whatever” or did they want to offer me the job, just not over voicemail.  Either way, if I didn’t have caller ID, I’d never know they called.  And if I would have just picked up the phone I wouldn’t be left wondering.  AHHHHH!!!!


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