Square Foot Garden Update #1

Today is garden update day.  My little sis got us interested in Square Foot Gardening, and so we are giving it a go this year.  We spent some time planning, then we got our materials for boxes, built our boxes, mixed our dirt and planted our crops.  This year, we primarily went for already started plants, just to make life a little easier on us and since our growing season starts so late in Colorado.

We have one box that is 1 foot by 10 feet, in front of our trellis.  We are going to be taking the trellis down and putting some vinyl netting, so more sunlight gets through in the afternoon and it give the pumpkin and squash something to grow up.  This is the box I view outside my kitchen window.  In this one we have tomato, cucumber, peas, squash, pumpkin and sweetpea.

Are first project this summer was to get the garden going, then we are going to clean up a bit and make it look nicer, so please, ignore the junky look around the garden in the next few photos.

Next we have our first 4 by 4 box.  This is a standard SFG, but we are leaving out the foot markers because we didn’t see a real purpose for them.  In this box we have lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and strawberries.

Our last box is also a traditional 4 by 4 and in this we have some more broccoli and caulflower, tomatoes, celery and corn.  We were going to do some carrots and potatoes and we still might, but they need deeper boxes and we remembered and then we forgot and we meant to make one section of Box#1 deeper, but we forgot, so we decided to use all our starter plants and worry about carrots and potatoes at a later date.  We’ve got plenty to keep us occupied right now.

I also decided I wanted some herbs.  I have three pots, the first pot is in the first photo, next to our trellis box.  It has two different kinds of basil.  Then up front, I have a pot of rosemary and a big pot with thyme, sage, oregano and parsley.  Now I’ve got to learn about these guys so I can keep them up well.  We also need to do some “prettying” up front, but we’ve got time for that.



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