A Good, Good Day

I feel so accomplished today.  It was such a beautiful day and we spend most of it outside.  We slept in a bit, but got right to work.

Isaac and I spent the morning inside:

Eating breakfast – Oatmeal and raisins per his request.

Cleaning the kitchen, including all the handwashables.

Picking up all the toys in both Isaac’s room and downstairs.

Doing a few loads of laundry.

Vacuuming the house.

Sweeping the downstair.

Cleaning the table.

While we were busy doing all those things, Zach was also busy, just outside:

Cleaning out the dryer vent (which seemed to be clogged with my hair).

Mowing the lawn.

When Isaac and I were done, Zach was still mowing, so we took Isaac’s bike out front and he rode it up and down the street.  It was the first time he has really had the opportunity to ride outside and he loved it.  Got going a little too fast a few times, but only fell over once.

Zach finished mowing around lunch time so we ventured inside to make lunch (which was eaten under the umbrella on the back deck).  I cut up the remaining part of my “Cheese loaf” from the other day because it was the only bread we have in the house.  Isaac had a ham and cheese sandwich, Zach had a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich and I went all out and had a Ranch Pesto Grilled Chicken and Cheese sandwich all toasted up and topped off with sliced carrots.  It was so yummy!

After lunch I made some phone calls (grandma’s and mom’s like to hear from me occasionally) and Isaac played in the back, until naptime.  When Isaac decided to throw a fit, trip on his “shark shoes” (flip-flops), land in the rocks and really hurt himself.  He wouldn’t walk and he told me his foot hurt.  It was bruised or swelling, and so I decided to see what happened after nap.  As always Isaac had no problems going to sleep and I had to wake him up three hours later.

While Isaac napped, Zach and I got our entire garden planted.  I’ll provide more details in a later post.  It was so much fun to just work together again.  We used to spend all of our weekends just doing things around the house together, but between school and Isaac, we just don’t anymore.  Zach got a little upset with me at one point, because I decided to take a break in the hammock and it was hard work getting me motivated to work again.  When we were pretty much done and it was 5:30, we decided Isaac should be awake.

When I work Isaac up, he cuddled for a minute with me and then wanted to play with his toys.  He stood up, took three steps and then turned back to me, trying not to put any weight on his foot and started crying.  It happened a few more times, but still not swelling or bruising and when he wasn’t on it he was fine.  I called Zach and we debated for a while on what to do.  Finally we decided to let him chill for the weekend, if it got worse take him to the ER (nice long weekend we have to wait through) and if he gets better, he gets better.

We had to get some things at the store, so we headed out.  I couldn’t carry Isaac any longer and he refused to sit in the cart, so he had to walk and he didn’t cry, just hobbled a bit.

After we grabbed dinner, we hung out at my parents for a few hours.  We hadn’t seen them in several weeks, Mom enjoys just being around his all and Dad loves giving Isaac anything he wants.  It’s so funny.  The funniest story, though, was when Dad was showing Isaac these little figurines of animals from Australia.  Isaac was looking at the Kangaroo and said, “He has a penis.”  To which Dad responded, “No, it’s a baby Kangaroo.”  Isaac then turned him over, saw the hole in the bottom and said, “He has a butt.”  They then moved on to the Platapus.

It’s been a long, but such a satisfying day.  The weather was gorgeous.  And how absolutely wonderful was it to walk into my house to night and everything was picked up and tidy?  Yep, it was a good, good day.   And the best thing is I get to feel okay about just relaxing and hanging out with my boys for the rest of the weekend.


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