To the Little Girl at Chick-fil-a

Dear Little Girl at Chick-fil-a:

Thank you so much for playing with Isaac.  He doesn’t always know what to do around kids and tonight there were so many he didn’t know where to begin.  We hung by the door until you arrived and asked him to play.  He had so much fun climbing, sliding and talking with you, so much fun that we allowed him to come back to play after he small poo accident.  In the bathroom, all he wanted was to come back and play with you.

Maybe we shouldn’t have let him come back commando, but after all the poo in the potty we were quite certain he’d be okay for at least 10 minutes.  When he returned, all the kids were gone, including you.  He climbed a bit, but was sad, until he saw you through the window.  He waved and you came running.  The smile of excitement on his face was priceless as he followed you around.

A few minutes later, when you walked out of the room with a horrified look on your face, we knew something was wrong.  I rushed into the room to find Isaac in the slide, one sock off and poo running down his leg.  I’m so sorry that your kindness and generousity was rewarded in such a horrible manner.  You are a sweet young lady, please don’t allow this event to change your heart.

As a family we send you extreme thanks and a very heartfelt apology!


Jenn (and Zach and especially Isaac)

****Yes, I apologized to the parent and the little girl and thanked her in person.  They were kind about the whole situation, explaining they had three kids and that “life is messy” sometimes.  I also notified the Chick-a-fil staff, so they could disinfect the slide.  They to, were extremely kind and understanding of the whole situation, but I still feel bad, Zach feels bad and Isaac is sad that he doesn’t get to play.  Thankfully, it was closing time and Isaac and the little girl were the only ones there.  Today I learned, diarrhea is never fun, especially in an undie wearing toddler. ****


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