Soft Dough

At lunch today I decided to start a loaf of bread.  I haven’t baked a loaf in a few weeks.  I am planning on making some soup, so I thought it would be nice to have some bread.  We’ve stopped buying bread and my multigrain sandwich bread, just didn’t didn’t sound good for soup.

I ran across this recipe last week and wanted to try it out.  And while it is still in it’s second rise, so I can’t tell you if it yummy or not, making this bread made me so happy.

Isaac likes his “softs” – basically any silky material.  I just rubs his little fingers over it and sucks his thumb.  In fact, today he had a “soft” (his tag from his undies) and was trying to rub it, suck his thumb and pee on the potty, which wasn’t working to because he generally leans over and holds the lid while he pees.

I think this loaf of bread was similar for me.  It was my “soft.”  I left my electrics in the cabinet and decided to mix this bread by hand.  When I began kneading it, I just fell in love.  It was so soft and light.  The sun decided to come in the window, bathing me in warmth.

Several hours later, I began shaping.  It was even softer and lighter and smooth.  I just wanted to keep touching it, but I tried to keep it to a minimum so I didn’t overwork it.  When I returned to my desk, my hands could still fell the soft dough.  I began thinking how such a simple thing can make me so peaceful and happy.  I need to spend more time in those simple moments.


One thought on “Soft Dough

  1. That’s exactly how I felt the other day when I was picking blueberries first thing in the morning before work. It is amazing how the simple things in life can be so amazing 🙂

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