Guest Post!

This is an official guest post for Jenn by her amazing husband Zach! 😉

My beautiful wife is not yet home and already very tired, so you get the pleasure of reading my words instead-lucky you!

I would like to quickly just give some gratitude to Jennifer. I recently graduated from Regis University after years and years of work and struggle. Before you congratulate me (thank you by the way!), I suggest you give more credit to Jenn. While I was struggling through the school, she was there helping me with math, listening to my complaints about teachers and advisers, and putting up with my rants about what I thought was wasted time. During this time she was also being my rock, my support, my cheerleader, my drill-sergeant to keep me going when if it were not for her, I would surely have quit. Most importantly though, she was feeding me, doing my laundry (most of the time), and raising our son. She has been a wonderful wife and an unbelievable mother during times when I was too busy to meet her halfway. In the end, because she stuck with me, I was successful in something I never thought I could really do. I did a lot of work but I need it to be clear how much she did that was essential for me. Jennifer is an Amazing Woman and I am lucky to know her!

Moving on, we went on a hike yesterday to Hanging Lake which was a challenging hike for us all and we expected to be quite sore today. It turns out that we may not be as old and out-of shape as we thought as neither of us were sore and tired today! It was a great day that marked the beginning of what we are hoping to be a fun and less-stress summer!

Today, as Jenn had to go out and for work and other exciting errands, I got some alone time to play with Isaac! We went outside because it was so nice (before the storms) and played baseball. We had a lot of fun and then we ate hot dogs outside until the storms rolled in. Jenn stopped by just in time to help put Isaac down for nap. Wish I could have that kind of time everyday, it made the rest of the day that much better!

Anyway, for all of you who read my wife’s blog on a daily basis, I won’t waste much more of your time but thanks for sticking with me this far! In case you did not already know, we graduated to iPhones this weekend. I don’t know what we did without them all this time! I still haven’t found the app that cooks dinner for us but I am sure it is soon to be found!

As I end this guest post, I will ask for your quick feedback. I need a great recipe for Home-made Macaroni & Cheese and also a great recipe for meatballs.

Thanks and perhaps I will return again,


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