Oh My Feet

Or maybe legs. Or maybe my head. I’m sure my back will be there too. Oh what a day! We got up early and picked Kadie and Susie up around 8:30 and headed up to the mountains. We were leary of the skies and what they might hold. And a quick stop in genesse for a geocache, made us question our clothing choices. It was so cold! And then all the snow Vail!

But then we got past Vail and the temperature rose in the car, the skies were blue and the sun was out. It was going to be a good day for a hike, and it was. We spent about five hours on the mountain – a one mile hike up and and then back down. We took it slow and I had a great excuse-25 pounds on my back.

It was a beautiful day for a hike. Isaac was great. The drive was good (except for the little snow storm we ran into on the way home). The company was great. All and all a good day. If only it was Saturday and not 10:30 on Sunday night. We aren’t even home yet!

Look how pretty:




2 thoughts on “Oh My Feet

  1. What a fun adventure! Where exactly were you hiking? There are a ton of hiking and summer spots in the Vail area too– and it sounds like it’s a little bit closer for you. Check out buzz.snow.com for summer and winter activities information — there are a lot of great ideas there! http://buzz.snow.com/default.aspx

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