Trip Back

Last week we had some rain…several days of rain, ice, snow…a little bit of everything.  I saw grumbling online and I really don’t understand it.  It wasn’t freezing and we need the moisture.  I was actually quite happy in the weather and I even went out in it.  For a work-from-home-mom who never leaves the house, venturing out in less than ideal weather was a bit of a feat and it didn’t even phase me.

Isaac and I ventured downtown.  Back to the campus where I went to school for six year.  I had to parell park and carry Isaac a few blocks in the rain (without an umbrella) to get to the building I needed.  That’s the problem with downtown, it’s never just and easy grab.  In fact, before I found the spot I think I drove around the few blocks three times.  Although we went to the same campus that I went to school for my Bachelor’s, we were actually going to get my transcript from the university where I got my Master’s.  They share a campus, which is why I felt like I was right at home (even though I didn’t go to any classes on campus for my Master’s).

Next, we walked back to the car and drove over to capital hill (which is very close to where my office used to be located).  Again, we drove around the blocks several times looking for a parking space…this time I found one, it was just three lanes over on a one-way street.  I choose to get over in that lane and back-in like you are supposed to….but a car came up behind me and wasn’t too happy….never really did understand what his problem was.

Again, I had to carry Isaac in the rain for a few blocks, but this time I couldn’t find the buidling, so I walked into our State capital for the first time in my life and asked for directions.  I was just across the street. 🙂

On our way home, I passed by my old office.  I drove home the same old way.  It was so strange to basically be following my footsteps from 10 years ago.  The steps I took daily.  Not much has changed down there…it’s really kinda crazy.

Three hours after we left the house we managed to return.  Transcripts and Department of Ed, in suburbia it would have taken max 1 hour, but not in the city.  But now, I’ll be licensed in Instructional Technology, as well as English.  And the rain was just a fun, added bonus to the day.


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