Little Gems

For months if you ask Isaac where something is, he can take you to it, but tonight we reached a new milestone.  It made just made me smile and therefore I want to document it here.

“Isaac! Where are your shark shoes?” I yell from upstairs.

“In the bafroom.” He yells back at me from downstairs.

I walk to the bathroom and there they are.  As of today, he can also tell you where something is.

He is full of good stuff like that.  For an hour he played “clothes pins” with Grampa Geg.  Laughing hysterically the whole time.  Why it was fun, intriguing and that funny, I will never know, but it sure did make us grown-ups happy and smile.

Later, when returned home, Isaac was telling Zach about Muffin being scared of the storm.  We weren’t getting it at first, but he persisted and eventually we caught on.  It’s so cute to see the things he remembers and that impact him.


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