Adventures in Potty Learning #5

This might be my last potty update on Isaac, unless something dreadful happens and we back track a lot and I have to vent.

In the last week, we’ve become less aware of Isaac’s pottying….this is a good thing!  It means, he tells us when he needs to go, both #1 and #2.  If we can’t at the moment, we can ask him to “wait” and he will.  Sometimes he uses “potty” to get attention or avoid bed, but for the most part he just wants to get in and be done.

A few weeks ago, we were having a heck of a time with #2, he didn’t ever seem to want to go IN the potty, and didn’t mind going in his pants.  We didn’t know what to do.  I decided I’d reward him with watching his favorite tv show, Martha Speaks, if he went poopy on the potty.  Poopy in the pant = no Martha.  The worked for a week or so and then we had Easter.  He got a little duck with Jelly beans in it.  Now, when he goes poopy in the potty he gets “a little bean!”  This excites him so much and he talks about what color he wants.  And sometimes he still gets to watch tv….just not that often.

Now, I’m looking forward to the summer and long trips in the car.  I’m hoping he is even better than he is now with letting us know and waiting, but so far, even on short distances, his track record in the car isn’t so great….he just doesn’t tell us anything.   How do you take a young child who is just learning his way with the toilet on a road trip?  I guess the easy answer is diapers/pull-ups, but HATE diapers and I don’t want a regression, so that’s out.  Any other ideas?


One thought on “Adventures in Potty Learning #5

  1. I suggest a fleece diaper cover or “undie cover” (or wool)as we call them in our house. It can go right over his undies and although without an insert it will not be waterproof, it will contain and should keep the car-seat dry unless he has a huge accident. I have a girl that sells them on FB at really great prices.

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