First & Last

Today marked Zach’s last day of student teaching.  He has some observations next week at the school he works at, but in reality, he is done.  He has one last question to answer on his big project and a meeting with his supervisor and he is done-done.  This is almost as scary as when he went to student teach.  He has been going to school for our entire relationship…how nice it will be to be able to actually relax and not have school thoughts hanging over our heads.  It’s quite exciting!

Graduation is on Saturday.  It’s supposed to be a warm sunny day and I only pray my two-year-old can handle sitting in an outside ceremony during his nap….maybe he’ll sleep?  I can hope.  This will be Isaac’s fourth college graduation.  That’s pretty good for his two years, but I don’t think we’ll have any more for a while.

Now, to my first.  We have a water cooler that dispenses nice cool, bottled water.  It isn’t that our water is bad, but it isn’t as good as bottled and I wasn’t drinking water at home.  This became a problem when I started working from home, so now we have water delivered to us once a month and I drink so much more and feel so much better.  Anyway, we got this cooler almost 3 years ago.  They say to clean it every couple months – we never had.

See, the problem is, it takes time to clean it and it’s easiest to do at the end of a bottle, but when a bottle ends, I don’t have the time.  Blah, blah, blah.  Well, this week, we were a half a gallon from finishing the last bottle on delivery day.  So we drained it and put it into our fridge and left the cooler with no bottle….perfect opportunity to clean it.  So I cleaned my first water cooler today and it was surprisingly easy and didn’t take all that much time.  But it wasn’t really that dirty either….just the top where I had spilt something once.  Now, maybe I won’t be so scared of it and I can clean it more often….we can hope.


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