I sat hear trying to come up with a good reason for not writing today, since nothing was coming to mind and I am tired.  Zach was sitting next to me and Isaac was asking him to come up stairs and play in his room.  A few seconds later, Isaac came over with a pipe insulator and a ball.  He handed the ball to Zach, took a few steps back and held up the insulator as a bat.  Zach tossed it to him a few times before he actually hit it.  I’m quite amazed that he hit it at all and not just once, over and over he hit it.  I don’t know when he has ever seen baseball.  I know last summer we let him hit a ball off a tee a couple of times.  It really amazes me how much he picks up and how creative he is if we just let him go.  Kids are so imaginative!


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