Peas Please

It’s amazing.  I went from being in a terrific mood, enjoying myself and happy as can be to messing everything up and in a bad, bad mood and ready for bed in about 10 minutes.  After baking all afternoon and messing up dinner twice, Isaac and Zach shared a bowl of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  It was 9PM.  I gave up and didn’t eat anything when I burned my peas.  I mean seriously, who burns peas?   Maybe I’ll have a class of chocolate milk in a few.

In other news….I’ve got one cute, fun kid:

  • He tells me I’m beautiful.
  • I tells people it was “nice to meet you.”
  • He tells everyone to “have a good day.”
  • Today, he insisted on giving the cashier at the store hugs and kisses (I’m sure she was thankful we talked him into blowing her kisses).
  • He says “cause” all the time…for example, when he wanted his shirt off “cause it got milk on it.”

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