Left to wonder…

Today is a day of wondering.

Isaac still has a slight limp, so we called the doctor today.  After explaining to the nurse that he had no swelling, or bruising and hasn’t complained of it hurting since Saturday night, she still wanted him to come in.  So after work (and nap) we headed down to the doctor.  We saw the same pediatrician who first saw Isaac after he was born at the same hospital where Isaac was born.  It was like a trip down memory lane!  But I digress.

I’d told Isaac where we were going and as such he insisted on bringing his blanket (which normally stays in his room).  I knew if they decided to do x-rays, it would probably be good to have, so I didn’t fight it.  When he got called back, they wanted to take his weight without the blanket.  He got worried faced.  Then she hit him with the ear thermometer.  Wrong move….he started screaming.  We got back to our room, where she wanted to take his pulse, so he continued to scream.  After she left, Isaac settled down and I talked to him about how the doctor was going to come in, talk to us, look at Isaac’s foot and then we’d go home to see Daddy.  There was nothing scary.

We had much better success with the doctor.  He was calm and slow and talked to Isaac, which worked just fine.   After an examination, it was determined that he most likely just has a bruised bone.  If I wanted he would have done x-rays, but frankly, I was sure if it was broken he’d be in far more pain, but we are still left to wonder.  We decided wearing hard soled shoes for the next week or so would help and if he worsens I’ll bring him back.

My other “wonder” comes from the job I interviewed for a week ago.  They called today, but I don’t tend to answer my home phone during my work day.  They didn’t leave a message.  So I’m left to wonder, did they not leave a message because I didn’t get the job and they figure “ah, whatever” or did they want to offer me the job, just not over voicemail.  Either way, if I didn’t have caller ID, I’d never know they called.  And if I would have just picked up the phone I wouldn’t be left wondering.  AHHHHH!!!!


Sing Sing Sing

We went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary today. It’s about an hour away and Isaac slept in the car on the way up. We skipped nap because Jack and Sue came over for lunch.

It was so windy that we didn’t enjoy ourselves as much as we could have. Isaac was pretty insistent that it was cold and he just wanted to go, although he did like seeing the animals. When we left he said, “let’s see the giraffes.” Of course there weren’t any giraffes. 🙂

Isaac sang the WHOLE way home. It was quite cute and thankfully be branched out from “now I know my abcs, next time won’t you sing with me.” He even made up some of his own songs, which are getting more complex. Instead of just singing a word over and over, he is adding things like “oh yeah.”

Here is a video I got of him singing. We were on a very bumpy road, which I think was part of the reason he was enjoying singing so much. He stopped singing when he saw the camera and when we came to stops.

Square Foot Garden Update #1

Today is garden update day.  My little sis got us interested in Square Foot Gardening, and so we are giving it a go this year.  We spent some time planning, then we got our materials for boxes, built our boxes, mixed our dirt and planted our crops.  This year, we primarily went for already started plants, just to make life a little easier on us and since our growing season starts so late in Colorado.

We have one box that is 1 foot by 10 feet, in front of our trellis.  We are going to be taking the trellis down and putting some vinyl netting, so more sunlight gets through in the afternoon and it give the pumpkin and squash something to grow up.  This is the box I view outside my kitchen window.  In this one we have tomato, cucumber, peas, squash, pumpkin and sweetpea.

Are first project this summer was to get the garden going, then we are going to clean up a bit and make it look nicer, so please, ignore the junky look around the garden in the next few photos.

Next we have our first 4 by 4 box.  This is a standard SFG, but we are leaving out the foot markers because we didn’t see a real purpose for them.  In this box we have lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and strawberries.

Our last box is also a traditional 4 by 4 and in this we have some more broccoli and caulflower, tomatoes, celery and corn.  We were going to do some carrots and potatoes and we still might, but they need deeper boxes and we remembered and then we forgot and we meant to make one section of Box#1 deeper, but we forgot, so we decided to use all our starter plants and worry about carrots and potatoes at a later date.  We’ve got plenty to keep us occupied right now.

I also decided I wanted some herbs.  I have three pots, the first pot is in the first photo, next to our trellis box.  It has two different kinds of basil.  Then up front, I have a pot of rosemary and a big pot with thyme, sage, oregano and parsley.  Now I’ve got to learn about these guys so I can keep them up well.  We also need to do some “prettying” up front, but we’ve got time for that.


A Good, Good Day

I feel so accomplished today.  It was such a beautiful day and we spend most of it outside.  We slept in a bit, but got right to work.

Isaac and I spent the morning inside:

Eating breakfast – Oatmeal and raisins per his request.

Cleaning the kitchen, including all the handwashables.

Picking up all the toys in both Isaac’s room and downstairs.

Doing a few loads of laundry.

Vacuuming the house.

Sweeping the downstair.

Cleaning the table.

While we were busy doing all those things, Zach was also busy, just outside:

Cleaning out the dryer vent (which seemed to be clogged with my hair).

Mowing the lawn.

When Isaac and I were done, Zach was still mowing, so we took Isaac’s bike out front and he rode it up and down the street.  It was the first time he has really had the opportunity to ride outside and he loved it.  Got going a little too fast a few times, but only fell over once.

Zach finished mowing around lunch time so we ventured inside to make lunch (which was eaten under the umbrella on the back deck).  I cut up the remaining part of my “Cheese loaf” from the other day because it was the only bread we have in the house.  Isaac had a ham and cheese sandwich, Zach had a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich and I went all out and had a Ranch Pesto Grilled Chicken and Cheese sandwich all toasted up and topped off with sliced carrots.  It was so yummy!

After lunch I made some phone calls (grandma’s and mom’s like to hear from me occasionally) and Isaac played in the back, until naptime.  When Isaac decided to throw a fit, trip on his “shark shoes” (flip-flops), land in the rocks and really hurt himself.  He wouldn’t walk and he told me his foot hurt.  It was bruised or swelling, and so I decided to see what happened after nap.  As always Isaac had no problems going to sleep and I had to wake him up three hours later.

While Isaac napped, Zach and I got our entire garden planted.  I’ll provide more details in a later post.  It was so much fun to just work together again.  We used to spend all of our weekends just doing things around the house together, but between school and Isaac, we just don’t anymore.  Zach got a little upset with me at one point, because I decided to take a break in the hammock and it was hard work getting me motivated to work again.  When we were pretty much done and it was 5:30, we decided Isaac should be awake.

When I work Isaac up, he cuddled for a minute with me and then wanted to play with his toys.  He stood up, took three steps and then turned back to me, trying not to put any weight on his foot and started crying.  It happened a few more times, but still not swelling or bruising and when he wasn’t on it he was fine.  I called Zach and we debated for a while on what to do.  Finally we decided to let him chill for the weekend, if it got worse take him to the ER (nice long weekend we have to wait through) and if he gets better, he gets better.

We had to get some things at the store, so we headed out.  I couldn’t carry Isaac any longer and he refused to sit in the cart, so he had to walk and he didn’t cry, just hobbled a bit.

After we grabbed dinner, we hung out at my parents for a few hours.  We hadn’t seen them in several weeks, Mom enjoys just being around his all and Dad loves giving Isaac anything he wants.  It’s so funny.  The funniest story, though, was when Dad was showing Isaac these little figurines of animals from Australia.  Isaac was looking at the Kangaroo and said, “He has a penis.”  To which Dad responded, “No, it’s a baby Kangaroo.”  Isaac then turned him over, saw the hole in the bottom and said, “He has a butt.”  They then moved on to the Platapus.

It’s been a long, but such a satisfying day.  The weather was gorgeous.  And how absolutely wonderful was it to walk into my house to night and everything was picked up and tidy?  Yep, it was a good, good day.   And the best thing is I get to feel okay about just relaxing and hanging out with my boys for the rest of the weekend.

PostADay Blues

As I near the end of five months of blogging everyday, I’m thinking I need to restructure my way of doing it.  I enjoy blogging.  I enjoy writing and I love having a record of what is going on in my life, but I blog at night.  I’m generally exhausted and wanting to crawl into bed and I think “oh, right, I have to blog first.”  So I write a quick scramble that I may or may not remember tomorrow.

So, I’m thinking:

  • I need to write earlier…when I get off work or better yet before I go to work.   Although the before work is probably not going to happen, because I literally get out of bed and stumble downstairs to star work – not much time for writing.
  • I need to come up with a structure.  You know, like a theme every day or every Thursday I post a thankful post
  • I need to get back to reading and write about some of my reading.
  • And at some point, I need to give myself a break.  There is no one holding a gun to my head and insisting I write every day.  Yes, it would be a cool accomplishment, but if I’m writing blah, blah because I’m burnt out, is it really that great?

To the Little Girl at Chick-fil-a

Dear Little Girl at Chick-fil-a:

Thank you so much for playing with Isaac.  He doesn’t always know what to do around kids and tonight there were so many he didn’t know where to begin.  We hung by the door until you arrived and asked him to play.  He had so much fun climbing, sliding and talking with you, so much fun that we allowed him to come back to play after he small poo accident.  In the bathroom, all he wanted was to come back and play with you.

Maybe we shouldn’t have let him come back commando, but after all the poo in the potty we were quite certain he’d be okay for at least 10 minutes.  When he returned, all the kids were gone, including you.  He climbed a bit, but was sad, until he saw you through the window.  He waved and you came running.  The smile of excitement on his face was priceless as he followed you around.

A few minutes later, when you walked out of the room with a horrified look on your face, we knew something was wrong.  I rushed into the room to find Isaac in the slide, one sock off and poo running down his leg.  I’m so sorry that your kindness and generousity was rewarded in such a horrible manner.  You are a sweet young lady, please don’t allow this event to change your heart.

As a family we send you extreme thanks and a very heartfelt apology!


Jenn (and Zach and especially Isaac)

****Yes, I apologized to the parent and the little girl and thanked her in person.  They were kind about the whole situation, explaining they had three kids and that “life is messy” sometimes.  I also notified the Chick-a-fil staff, so they could disinfect the slide.  They to, were extremely kind and understanding of the whole situation, but I still feel bad, Zach feels bad and Isaac is sad that he doesn’t get to play.  Thankfully, it was closing time and Isaac and the little girl were the only ones there.  Today I learned, diarrhea is never fun, especially in an undie wearing toddler. ****

Soft Dough

At lunch today I decided to start a loaf of bread.  I haven’t baked a loaf in a few weeks.  I am planning on making some soup, so I thought it would be nice to have some bread.  We’ve stopped buying bread and my multigrain sandwich bread, just didn’t didn’t sound good for soup.

I ran across this recipe last week and wanted to try it out.  And while it is still in it’s second rise, so I can’t tell you if it yummy or not, making this bread made me so happy.

Isaac likes his “softs” – basically any silky material.  I just rubs his little fingers over it and sucks his thumb.  In fact, today he had a “soft” (his tag from his undies) and was trying to rub it, suck his thumb and pee on the potty, which wasn’t working to because he generally leans over and holds the lid while he pees.

I think this loaf of bread was similar for me.  It was my “soft.”  I left my electrics in the cabinet and decided to mix this bread by hand.  When I began kneading it, I just fell in love.  It was so soft and light.  The sun decided to come in the window, bathing me in warmth.

Several hours later, I began shaping.  It was even softer and lighter and smooth.  I just wanted to keep touching it, but I tried to keep it to a minimum so I didn’t overwork it.  When I returned to my desk, my hands could still fell the soft dough.  I began thinking how such a simple thing can make me so peaceful and happy.  I need to spend more time in those simple moments.


I sat across the table from a lady tonight with a two year old little girl that was at least two full months older than Isaac, but she acted more like Isaac when he was 12 or 18 months. The mom held her the entire time and had to feed her. We weren’t chatting long when she asked, “How old is he?”

I dread this question when I’m around people with children of similar ages. “Two and a half.”

“So is she. He’s so cute.”

Awkward moment of silence. I hate saying, “so is your child.” Even if they are cute, because it seems like such a cop out.

Isaac continues to interact with the lady’s four-year-old, eats his pizza, talks about the balloons, the letter on his candy, the color of his candy, that he wants water, that he wants to go back and “jumpy, jumpy” and then he walks to the door and yells, “Mommy! I need go potty now.”

We have not been having a good potty time lately. It’s like he has forgotten what the potty is. After he has gone in his pants, he is embarrassed and will deny it. It’s very frustrating to have gone from weeks of practically no accidents to going through all his pants and undies in one day. Needless to say, I was quite surprised he even told me that he needed to go, much less gave us enough time to get to the bathroom.

We return to the party with Isaac singing his ABCs and I sit across from this mom again. “He’s so smart,” she says. And I feel bad. I’m sure she is comparing her daughter to Isaac. And while I enjoy knowing Isaac is advanced, I hate playing the comparison game. Most of who Isaac is is because we are home together ALL the time. I can’t always “play trains,” but we are always talking, singing and having conversations. I ask him a lot of questions. I make him tell me things about his day. I repeat everything he says to me (adding in the words he left out). And he’s in undies because he is not in daycare. I do not think if he was in daycare we’d be near as close to potty “trained” as we are. There are definite benefits to raising your kid yourself, instead of relying on near strangers. But this always makes the conversation with parent Isaac’s age awkward.

As we were saying our goodbyes, the host came up to us and kind of directed her hand towards Isaac, he grabbed it, looked her in the eyes and said very clearly, “Nice to meet you.” He was rewarded with ooos and ahhs. And proceeded to the closest two women to offer his hand and say “nice to meet you.” Such a proud moment. 🙂

Guest Post!

This is an official guest post for Jenn by her amazing husband Zach! 😉

My beautiful wife is not yet home and already very tired, so you get the pleasure of reading my words instead-lucky you!

I would like to quickly just give some gratitude to Jennifer. I recently graduated from Regis University after years and years of work and struggle. Before you congratulate me (thank you by the way!), I suggest you give more credit to Jenn. While I was struggling through the school, she was there helping me with math, listening to my complaints about teachers and advisers, and putting up with my rants about what I thought was wasted time. During this time she was also being my rock, my support, my cheerleader, my drill-sergeant to keep me going when if it were not for her, I would surely have quit. Most importantly though, she was feeding me, doing my laundry (most of the time), and raising our son. She has been a wonderful wife and an unbelievable mother during times when I was too busy to meet her halfway. In the end, because she stuck with me, I was successful in something I never thought I could really do. I did a lot of work but I need it to be clear how much she did that was essential for me. Jennifer is an Amazing Woman and I am lucky to know her!

Moving on, we went on a hike yesterday to Hanging Lake which was a challenging hike for us all and we expected to be quite sore today. It turns out that we may not be as old and out-of shape as we thought as neither of us were sore and tired today! It was a great day that marked the beginning of what we are hoping to be a fun and less-stress summer!

Today, as Jenn had to go out and for work and other exciting errands, I got some alone time to play with Isaac! We went outside because it was so nice (before the storms) and played baseball. We had a lot of fun and then we ate hot dogs outside until the storms rolled in. Jenn stopped by just in time to help put Isaac down for nap. Wish I could have that kind of time everyday, it made the rest of the day that much better!

Anyway, for all of you who read my wife’s blog on a daily basis, I won’t waste much more of your time but thanks for sticking with me this far! In case you did not already know, we graduated to iPhones this weekend. I don’t know what we did without them all this time! I still haven’t found the app that cooks dinner for us but I am sure it is soon to be found!

As I end this guest post, I will ask for your quick feedback. I need a great recipe for Home-made Macaroni & Cheese and also a great recipe for meatballs.

Thanks and perhaps I will return again,

Oh My Feet

Or maybe legs. Or maybe my head. I’m sure my back will be there too. Oh what a day! We got up early and picked Kadie and Susie up around 8:30 and headed up to the mountains. We were leary of the skies and what they might hold. And a quick stop in genesse for a geocache, made us question our clothing choices. It was so cold! And then all the snow Vail!

But then we got past Vail and the temperature rose in the car, the skies were blue and the sun was out. It was going to be a good day for a hike, and it was. We spent about five hours on the mountain – a one mile hike up and and then back down. We took it slow and I had a great excuse-25 pounds on my back.

It was a beautiful day for a hike. Isaac was great. The drive was good (except for the little snow storm we ran into on the way home). The company was great. All and all a good day. If only it was Saturday and not 10:30 on Sunday night. We aren’t even home yet!

Look how pretty: