Monster Update

We have not beaten the “mosters” or as they are now called shadows yet.  That first right, three nights ago, Isaac wouldn’t sleep in his room.  There was lots of crying and he kept coming back to our room – in the dark – and even tried to sleep with the dogs in the closet.  At one point I heard him come in, but he didn’t say anything, so I continued to “sleep.”  Several minutes went by and I knew he was still in the room, I just didn’t know where.  I got out of bed to find out and make sure he wasn’t sleeping with the dogs and my feet landed firming on Isaac’s side.  It was 2:30…I was tired and decided it was time to just let him sleep in my bed, we all needed sleep.

The next day no shadows were discussed, he seemed fine, until it was time for bed.  He started to freak out a little, but said he wanted to go to sleep in his bed (RARE!) but he wanted to leave the light on.  I agreed, but explained to him that Daddy might turn it off after he was asleep.  He panicked a bit, but then settled down.  He fell asleep in there and Zach did turn the light off.  Several hours later (I think), he came to our room.  He didn’t come to my side of the bed (the closer side), but went to Zach’s and said, “Up here.”  Zach didn’t hear him, so didn’t do anything, Isaac didn’t say another word.  A few more hours later, 5:30am, and I got up to go pee, I turned on the bathroom light and looked at Zach’s side of the bed…there was Isaac cuddled up on a pillow sound asleep.  I picked him up and took him back to his room.  He didn’t even stir.

Last night, Isaac again fell asleep with the light ON.  Very insistent on that and thankfully he didn’t wake in the night and come to us.  But today he has talked a lot about his shadow.  At nap, he wanted to leave his light on – it was off, I told him I was going to leave it how it was and he was satisfied.

It’s crazy how scared he can get.  You can see it in his eyes.  I guess I can kind of understand.  Shadows are kind of mysterious and strange and a hard concept.  He’ll get it eventually, I just hope we don’t step on him during the process!


3 thoughts on “Monster Update

  1. Hey Jenn!
    Isaac’s monster story has been pretty interesting. First of all, I have to say James and I think you guys are great parents!
    Have you guys thought about playing shadow puppets with him? It would be a safe interactive way to show him how shadows are made?
    Good Luck! 🙂

    • Oh…if only I could make a shadow puppet. 🙂

      We’ve tried to show him shadows in various places…last night we had the best success of shadows of our hands on the table and then straws.

  2. I’ve heard some people put a bell on the door so when kids come in they can hear them and the kids don’t end up sleeping in their room without them knowing. Good luck Jenn

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