Rough Day

I hate when I have this great post written in my head early in the day and then when I sit down to write I can’t even remember the topic.   Once upon a time I left myself voice messages to remind myself, but those didn’t work too well either.  I felt weird talking to myself and I never wanted to go back and listen to them.

So yesterday was a day of songs.  All day Isaac was singing and wanting to be sung to.  Early in the day he combined Old MacDonald and This is the Day and VeggieTales into a song.  He sang the Ensey Weensy Spider (he loves this song, but will never sing it, but it’s one of the first he asks to be sung to him).  He sang his ABCs.  He asked to sing “the ducky song” and as I sang it he actually joined in and did the hand motions.  It was soooooo cute!  I wanted to get it on video, but he was sitting on the potty.

Later, when we were downstairs, I tried to get him to sing for the camera, but all that resulted was a frustrated Mommy and a child who couldn’t sit still and didn’t want to sing.  So I gave up.  He started playing basketball and then picked up the end of a jumprope and started singing…then back to basketball…then singing…but I never was able to get it on camera very well (at least I don’t think so.  I haven’t actually gone and watched what I took yesterday!)

Today was not a happy singing day.  Isaac just wanted to get into trouble.  He got under the sink and sprayed the house down with leaf cleaner.  When I took that away, he threw a fit.  He was literally doing everything he could possibly think of to be a bad boy.

When he wasn’t being bad, he only wanted to sit on the potty and try to go poopy.  I guess my new reward of a candy and Martha Speaks is working a little too well.  He now has the option of a candy heart or a jelly bean…he loves the blue beans, so it’s working quite well…and he knows he can’t watch TV unless he goes poopy ON the potty.

Anyway, I was done.  It was beautiful outside, so I took my laptop and sat under the tree while Isaac played out front.  Then he wanted to go out back, so we took the dogs out back, I sat in the deck chairs and works while Isaac ran around on the deck.  I’ve decided he needs a sand/water table to play with out there.  He brought almost all his downstairs toys outside and then eventually wandered back inside to play basketball.  And wouldn’t you know, the second I came back in and shut the door he threw a fit.

Lunch, then nap.

Did he wake up in a better mood?  Nope.  I’m sure hoping tomorrow is better.  He should have gone to “take your kid to work day” with Zach. 🙂


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