I have funny ears.  They are smallish ears, or so I have been told, and they seem to be like everyone else’s ears, but that is just on the surface.

We can begin with the day of my birth.  My father noticed one hole on each of my ears that people don’t normally have.  He asked the doctor about it and the doctor said that everyone has them before they are born for drainage, but they disappear.  He was confident they would be gone within a year.  I still have them…and one drains all the time.  If you ever hear me say “my ear is watering,” you’ll now know what I am referring to.

I also had my ears peirced when I was nine, but I rarely wear earrings, but my holes never close up.  I put in earrings just last weekend for the first time in probably two or three years.  Went in easy, and came out just as fast because they started itching, same thing that always happens and the reason I don’t wear earrings.  I’m probably have a metal allergy, but I haven’t taken the time or energy to research and figure it out for sure.  Just doesn’t matter that much to me.

I’ve been told I didn’t get ear infections growing up, but I did get an ear infection in high school – a double one…it wasn’t much fun.  But I haven’t had one since.

My ears have bothered me a lot and at one time, I was told my tubes were inverted or something like that and that pressure changes are probably particularily bothersome – which they are – and it was suggested that I always take a decongestants before venturing into the mountains or riding in a plane.  I did for a while, it did help….but I’m not as good about it anymore.  I find if I drink enough water, it generally has the same effect.

Now we can move on to the joys of my hearing.  I seem to be able to hear things that people in my family never could.  High pitched noises that would drive me bananas.  Lately I’ve been hearing a deep mechanically sound….almost like an idling car.  It keeps me up sometimes.  Like last night, after Isaac freaking out over shadows and only wanting to sleep in our bed and getting finally getting him settled in, could I sleep?  No!  Because I could only hear this obnoxious sound.

Now, I’m not convinced that it is only in my head, nor am I convinced that it is only in my head.  I have only heard it at our house, but since being at our house is pretty much the only place I’m in the quiet, I might hear it other places if it was quiet, but I don’t know.

To top the noise, today my ear has decided to feel cloggy.  I hate the cloggy feeling.  I feel like everything is muffled, even when it isn’t.  I guess I might need to go take some meds or go to bed.


One thought on “Ears

  1. My pierced ears never heal over either, people think that is crazy…guess it runs in the family. I sometimes have the itching too when I wear earing, but I recently wore them a lot and it just stopped one day…don’t know why.

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