Worry for Nothing

We are nearing the end of Zach’s student teaching.  He basically 2 1/2 weeks left.  He has been working hard these last few weeks on his teacher work sample and he is pushing to get it done by tomorrow – his last day of class.

Remember several months ago when I was worried about losing my extra morning sleep?  Well, that hasn’t been a problem, I actually like having Zach around in the morning more than I liked having the bed to myself for so much longer.  Weird how that works, huh?

And…I was also worried about not having Zach’s income.  Well, we’ve managed that as well.  Yes, we still won’t see a paycheck for him until June, but I’m pretty sure we’ll make it as we’ve managed this well so far.

So, basically, all my worries were for nothing.  Imagine that!

And now I look forward to the new.  I’m in this stage of excitement limbo.  I just want to celebrate and do projects and hang out and relax….and I feel Zach getting there too, but he isn’t done yet.  He still has to teach this week…transition next week…do observations and then he has all the school stuff….licensure stuff….applying for job stuff.  Is it possible that the last four weeks are longer than all the years combined?


One thought on “Worry for Nothing

  1. I am really glad to hear you are realizing all that worry was for nothing! As you sleep in bed and I work in here, I think we may have switched roles…I seem to be worrying and stressing pretty big right now the more I look at how close I am and what I REALLY have left to do, I am worried I can’t get it done and keep you and Isaac from giving up on ever seeing me again.
    Maybe I should walk away and go to bed for now, things tend to seem better when you take a quick break. Just not sure how much time I have to do that.
    Love You!

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