A Stormy Night

We had a thunderstorm tonight that seemed to scare Isaac a bit.  He wanted to cuddle with me, so we sat on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars.  I was enjoying our quiet snuggling time.  An hour or so went by…and he started getting wiggly.  I asked him if he needed to go potty and was met with the adamant, “NO!”  I should have known better to listen to him.  A few minutes later I felt the warm, wet liquid run down my belly.

I took off his undies and sent him upstairs to go pee.  When he returned without new undies, I asked him to go get them…he wanted me to go with, but instead I told him I was mad at him and he needed to do it himself – he never did.  He sat on the couch munching Cheerios for about 20 minutes, when all the sudden he comes up to cuddle me and says, “I sorry for peeing on you.”  And all was forgiven and the night returned to it’s wonderful status.


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