Today we were driving home from getting bread at the grocery store, when Isaac said, “I see a nine,” and pointed out the window to the Walgreen’s sign….one of the numbers in the price was a nine.  Then he proceeded to tell us that he saw a four, when we questioned where, this was the response:

I don’t see it.  Let’s drive somewhere else [to] go find it.  That makes me cry.

I’ve decided part of the reason your own kids are so great is because you spend so much time with them you can actually see them learning and growing.  You see each and every stage.  What seems like a silly little story to others, is actually a huge step in understanding that you couldn’t see last week.

The last few days I find myself just staring at Isaac – watching him eat, play or whatever he is doing at the moment – just enjoying…enjoying him and his cute, curious little two year old self.


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