So Much for a Clean House

I know I’m only halfway through my four day weekend, but the house look like it did again on Tuesday…toys every where, dishes undone.

On Wednesday we had a game night, has some friends over to play PIT and Apples to Apples until far to late….but we dirtied up the kitchen during that time.  Cookies, drinks, little smokies, chips, salsa.  I still haven’t cleaned it up.  And now our daily dishes are piling up too.

On Wednesday I did good on the laundry.  I did a load and immediately put them away in closets or dressers.  The washer and dryer were going all day.  Then people came over and the clothes that were in the dryer are still in the dryer getting wrinkly and the diapers that were in the washer are still there and will probably need to be rewashed.

The clothes I tried on today and wore the last two days are piled on my dresser.  I haven’t figured out why I can’t put clothes immediately into the laundry basket, I always want them out in case I want to where them again, but that rarely happens.

And then there are the toys…legos, potatoes and trains!  I even found trains in with the pots and pans the other day.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll pick up again and maybe clean the floors or dust or clean the spaghetti sauce handprint off the stairwell…..but today was too good for those types of things.  Today was a day filled with family, smiles, friends and laughs.  Followed up with an afternoon of reading and napping.  What more could you ask for?  A clean house?  I think not.


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