I love spring.  I guess I love something different about all the seasons, but since it is spring, I will sign the praises of spring.  Today I had the pleasure of taking the day off with my boys (tomorrow too) and so got to enjoy spring in a slightly different way for me.

We laid in bed and snuggled until 11:30AM…only way we pulled this off was giving Isaac a cereal bar in bed.  For a while, Isaac ran around the room playing with the dogs.  At one point he laid down next to Lexi and said, “Dexi-dog, what you lookin’ at?”

Later we ventured out to a store, grabbed some GoodTimes and visited my mom and my sister.  Then home it was for naptime.  It amazing how good it can make you feel to be outside on a beautiful spring day.

Zach had showers to take, schoolwork to do and class to attend this afternoon, so I cuddled up on the couch, watched some tv, read a bit and took a little snooze before Isaac woke up.

One of my favorite parts of spring is watching the world come alive.  It’s so full of hope.  And today I got to see it, buds and blossoms on trees, flowers pushing through, and grass turning green.  Something so simple can put such a big smile on my face.

And then Isaac pooped in his pants, as he told me he didn’t have to.  And we went upstairs and cleaned him up.  And I tried to flush the toilet and nothing happened.  And when I opened up the back the plastic thing that connects the handle to the chain was broken, just hanging by a thread, and when I barely touched it, it broke off.

I debated…should I go to the store to get parts now, or wait for Zach to get home from school.  I decided to go for it.  Isaac talked the whole way about going to the zoo – too bad Zach told him about it today when we aren’t going until tomorrow – and also about his crackers.

Isaac: Where’s my cracker Mommy?

Me: I don’t know, did you eat it?

Isaac: Yes.  It’s in my tummy.  Here’s a cracker. (pulls the second one out of his seat and eats it.) Now it’s in my tummy.

We got to the store and found are piece and went to check out.  Isaac has a running nose and had rubbed snot all over his face and yet the kind cashier still told him he was cute and engaged him in conversation.

Cashier: Hi, how are you?

Isaac: Isaac (this is what he always answers when asked how he is).  I’m two.

Cashier: Yes you are two and your cute.  You have a shirt that says so.

Isaac (looking at the dog on his shirt): Yes, he is cute.  Hold it? (asking for the receipt)

Me: Say “Thank you”

Isaac: Thank you.

Me: Say “Have a nice day.”

Isaac: “Have a nice day. I go home now.”

Cashier (laughs, look at me with a big smile): Thank you

Back at home I struggled to get the old handle off.  To keep Isaac occupied, I told him to go find his tools so he could help.  We messed around and ended up shutting the bathroom door, so instead just stood there and stared at me and washed Daddy’s hat.  Finally I got the old plastic nut off – the new handle was a piece of cake to put on.  I washed up and opened the door for Isaac.  A few minutes later, Isaac comes in with his whole toolbox, sits on the floor, says, “I found it.” and pulls out his pliers.  Will wait and see if Daddy notices the new handle – it is a different color. 🙂

Now, I’m writing and Isaac is playing with his basketball, while we wait for Daddy to get home.  So far he has called it a football and a soccer ball, but not a basketball.  But he isn’t playing basketball with it.  He is tossing it in the air and kicking it around on the floor, but his favorite game seems to be pushing it around with is mini-broom – broomball?


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