Clean House

It amazing how quickly my house can get messy…and of course dusty!

Yesterday I had the urge to do a puzzle, so I sat down to do a 350 piece puzzle.  Isaac ran around the house playing, periodically checking in with me to “help.”  When I was done, the house was a disaster.  Isaac had taken out almost all his toys, but on top of that I hadn’t done the dishes, there were things on the table that hadn’t been put away, the bathroom had random towels thrown around, my bedroom had clothes on the floor, stacked on the dresser and toys everywhere, and Isaac’s room was, well that is where the toys are.

Today, I took a few minutes here and there to put things away, cycle the laundry, do the dishes, pick up toys.  It sure helped that Isaac spent the day at Grandma’s house.  Now, my house is picked up, almost all the laundry is done – only one load left and I have a four day weekend!  We are going to spend some time as a family, but I also can get some cleaning done during naptime when Zach is doing schoolwork.  Looking forward to a clean house, just the picked-up-ness feels pretty darn good.


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