Family Night

My sis Stacy is in town.  She moved to Virginia when she got married two years ago and hasn’t been back here in over a year.  We’ve missed her.

Yesterday we made her wake up early and go to the museum with us.  We went to see Pirates, but of course wandered around the Dioramas – Isaac loved them!  Thankfully, I was able to get a few of his wonder-talking on video.  It wasn’t busy at all and it it was so fun to just watch him explore.

Today, my sis came over and helped me make her famous chicken curry – I think I can do it on my own now – and I made a fresh loaf of bread to go with dinner.  Ron and Cody came to eat with us and after dinner the boys cleaned up.  Then we spent hours – Zach and Cody playing racing games and Ron, Stacy and I doing a puzzle.  Isaac ran between us all, but mainly pulled away the person who wasn’t playing the video game to play Legos, or trains or anything he could think of.

It’s good having Stacy in town.  It makes us to family stuff a whole lot more and it’s good to spend time with family. 🙂


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