Photo Update

My blogging today consisted of updating my Project 365.  So go check it out:

Monster Update

We have not beaten the “mosters” or as they are now called shadows yet.  That first right, three nights ago, Isaac wouldn’t sleep in his room.  There was lots of crying and he kept coming back to our room – in the dark – and even tried to sleep with the dogs in the closet.  At one point I heard him come in, but he didn’t say anything, so I continued to “sleep.”  Several minutes went by and I knew he was still in the room, I just didn’t know where.  I got out of bed to find out and make sure he wasn’t sleeping with the dogs and my feet landed firming on Isaac’s side.  It was 2:30…I was tired and decided it was time to just let him sleep in my bed, we all needed sleep.

The next day no shadows were discussed, he seemed fine, until it was time for bed.  He started to freak out a little, but said he wanted to go to sleep in his bed (RARE!) but he wanted to leave the light on.  I agreed, but explained to him that Daddy might turn it off after he was asleep.  He panicked a bit, but then settled down.  He fell asleep in there and Zach did turn the light off.  Several hours later (I think), he came to our room.  He didn’t come to my side of the bed (the closer side), but went to Zach’s and said, “Up here.”  Zach didn’t hear him, so didn’t do anything, Isaac didn’t say another word.  A few more hours later, 5:30am, and I got up to go pee, I turned on the bathroom light and looked at Zach’s side of the bed…there was Isaac cuddled up on a pillow sound asleep.  I picked him up and took him back to his room.  He didn’t even stir.

Last night, Isaac again fell asleep with the light ON.  Very insistent on that and thankfully he didn’t wake in the night and come to us.  But today he has talked a lot about his shadow.  At nap, he wanted to leave his light on – it was off, I told him I was going to leave it how it was and he was satisfied.

It’s crazy how scared he can get.  You can see it in his eyes.  I guess I can kind of understand.  Shadows are kind of mysterious and strange and a hard concept.  He’ll get it eventually, I just hope we don’t step on him during the process!

Rough Day

I hate when I have this great post written in my head early in the day and then when I sit down to write I can’t even remember the topic.   Once upon a time I left myself voice messages to remind myself, but those didn’t work too well either.  I felt weird talking to myself and I never wanted to go back and listen to them.

So yesterday was a day of songs.  All day Isaac was singing and wanting to be sung to.  Early in the day he combined Old MacDonald and This is the Day and VeggieTales into a song.  He sang the Ensey Weensy Spider (he loves this song, but will never sing it, but it’s one of the first he asks to be sung to him).  He sang his ABCs.  He asked to sing “the ducky song” and as I sang it he actually joined in and did the hand motions.  It was soooooo cute!  I wanted to get it on video, but he was sitting on the potty.

Later, when we were downstairs, I tried to get him to sing for the camera, but all that resulted was a frustrated Mommy and a child who couldn’t sit still and didn’t want to sing.  So I gave up.  He started playing basketball and then picked up the end of a jumprope and started singing…then back to basketball…then singing…but I never was able to get it on camera very well (at least I don’t think so.  I haven’t actually gone and watched what I took yesterday!)

Today was not a happy singing day.  Isaac just wanted to get into trouble.  He got under the sink and sprayed the house down with leaf cleaner.  When I took that away, he threw a fit.  He was literally doing everything he could possibly think of to be a bad boy.

When he wasn’t being bad, he only wanted to sit on the potty and try to go poopy.  I guess my new reward of a candy and Martha Speaks is working a little too well.  He now has the option of a candy heart or a jelly bean…he loves the blue beans, so it’s working quite well…and he knows he can’t watch TV unless he goes poopy ON the potty.

Anyway, I was done.  It was beautiful outside, so I took my laptop and sat under the tree while Isaac played out front.  Then he wanted to go out back, so we took the dogs out back, I sat in the deck chairs and works while Isaac ran around on the deck.  I’ve decided he needs a sand/water table to play with out there.  He brought almost all his downstairs toys outside and then eventually wandered back inside to play basketball.  And wouldn’t you know, the second I came back in and shut the door he threw a fit.

Lunch, then nap.

Did he wake up in a better mood?  Nope.  I’m sure hoping tomorrow is better.  He should have gone to “take your kid to work day” with Zach. 🙂

God’s Direction

I have a request for my praying friends and family that read this.  I want to go back to teaching, but change is always scary and causes me anxiety.  I’ve been working on applications and all that jazz and it’s very overwhelming and feels impossible to get a job when you’ve been out of the market for so long.

I’m praying for peace and guidance.  That doors will open where I’m supposed to be and that I won’t be emotionally devastated if/when doors remain closed.  So please stand with me in this.  I want to be open to God’s direction.


I have funny ears.  They are smallish ears, or so I have been told, and they seem to be like everyone else’s ears, but that is just on the surface.

We can begin with the day of my birth.  My father noticed one hole on each of my ears that people don’t normally have.  He asked the doctor about it and the doctor said that everyone has them before they are born for drainage, but they disappear.  He was confident they would be gone within a year.  I still have them…and one drains all the time.  If you ever hear me say “my ear is watering,” you’ll now know what I am referring to.

I also had my ears peirced when I was nine, but I rarely wear earrings, but my holes never close up.  I put in earrings just last weekend for the first time in probably two or three years.  Went in easy, and came out just as fast because they started itching, same thing that always happens and the reason I don’t wear earrings.  I’m probably have a metal allergy, but I haven’t taken the time or energy to research and figure it out for sure.  Just doesn’t matter that much to me.

I’ve been told I didn’t get ear infections growing up, but I did get an ear infection in high school – a double one…it wasn’t much fun.  But I haven’t had one since.

My ears have bothered me a lot and at one time, I was told my tubes were inverted or something like that and that pressure changes are probably particularily bothersome – which they are – and it was suggested that I always take a decongestants before venturing into the mountains or riding in a plane.  I did for a while, it did help….but I’m not as good about it anymore.  I find if I drink enough water, it generally has the same effect.

Now we can move on to the joys of my hearing.  I seem to be able to hear things that people in my family never could.  High pitched noises that would drive me bananas.  Lately I’ve been hearing a deep mechanically sound….almost like an idling car.  It keeps me up sometimes.  Like last night, after Isaac freaking out over shadows and only wanting to sleep in our bed and getting finally getting him settled in, could I sleep?  No!  Because I could only hear this obnoxious sound.

Now, I’m not convinced that it is only in my head, nor am I convinced that it is only in my head.  I have only heard it at our house, but since being at our house is pretty much the only place I’m in the quiet, I might hear it other places if it was quiet, but I don’t know.

To top the noise, today my ear has decided to feel cloggy.  I hate the cloggy feeling.  I feel like everything is muffled, even when it isn’t.  I guess I might need to go take some meds or go to bed.


Isaac began telling us he had a monster by his crib a few weeks ago, but it has gotten more forceful in the last couple of days.  He doesn’t want to go to bed by himself.  He doesn’t want us to shut his door or turn his lights off (or the hall light for that matter).

This morning the first thing he said to me was about the monster by his crib.  This evening I made him show me the monster.  Turns out it is the shadow on the wall that the light from the hall makes of the crib.  I walked him over to it, we touched it.  He giggled…grabbed his undies and ran out of the room.

A few minutes later, he informed me there was a “monster” by the chair in the dining room.  Yes, it was a shadow of the chair.

Then he had an accident, so I took his pants off, sent him to the bathroom and went to his room to put dispose of the pants.  He never made it to the bathroom.  He was crying…scared to go into the bathroom because the light in the bathroom was off and the hall light was making a shadow of him.  So I went to walk in with him, but my shadow was bigger and scarer and he kept backing me out.

This just keeps on happening tonight.  He won’t go into any room that has a shadow and he only wants to be held.  How did this kid who loves monsters and wasn’t scared of the dark, suddenly become completely freaked out by shadows?  How do I teach my child what a shadow is and not to be afraid of it?


As this long day comes to an end, I don’t feel like writing.  I was woken up to a woodpecker pecking at the bird house attached to the side of our house.  And so for the next two hours, whenever I head him I’d stick my head out the window and scare him off.  It was a tiring, unrestful sleep.  And now that’s all I can think of…laying my head on my cool, soft pillow, cuddling into my blankets and closing my eyes.

And so, I’ve uploaded a video for your enjoyment.  This is Isaac and I dying eggs yesterday.

Simple Saturday

Today I had grand plans to clean.  Yep, I always seem to have these great plans I just lack follow-through.

Mom doesn’t get out of the house often, so I asked her if she wanted to just come hang out while I cleaned.  She said yes, so I drove over to pick her up this morning.  When we returned to the house, Isaac was awake and Zach was attempting to do school work.

Mom played “trains” with Isaac, Zach did school work and I cleaned the pantry, while I boiled eggs.  And then it was lunch time.  And then we dyed eggs.  And then it was naptime.  And then…I just didn’t feel like doing anything more.

I did manage to get to the store and make some Jello, but my real motivation was shot.

When Isaac woke up, we decided to go see Rio.  It was good and it was good to see Mom happy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, a very cute story.  As I was writing this, Isaac was running around our downstairs singing his ABCs.  He grabbed his $1 echo mic and sat down to sing in his chair.  I stopped typing and was just looking at him and enjoying his cuteness.  When he noticed me looking at him, he asked what I was looking at.

“I’m looking at you Isaac.”

“I’m singing my ABCDEFG for you Mommy.”

“Oh…that’s so sweet.” And I blew him kisses.

He stopped, got up and said, “I give you hugs,” as he walked across the room to climb up on the couch and give me a hug.

“Are you my best boy?”


A Post by Isaac

“What should we write about Isaac?”

“A Train. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-JI-K-L-OOO-P-T-U-V. I want talk to Gamma.  I want to write.  You’re a good dog.” As he pats my belly.  “You’re a good girl.  Whatcha doing Mommy?”


“Don’t work Mommy.  Don’t work that hand,” as he pulls my hands off the keyboard.

“What should we write about the train?”

“A bike. I’m up here too.”

“What should we write about the bike?”

“A motorcycle. I did it myself. What we gin write about?  What you got on?”

“What are we going to write about the motorcycle?”

“We drive the motorcycle.  I don’t know….motorcycle is.”

And then he found his basketball and was off to play.

**Isaac is 2 years, 4 months.

Whatcha Doing?

We have entered the “Whatcha doing Mommy?” stage, which is also a revisit of pointing at things and saying, “What dis?”  I’m sure this is just a glimmer of what we are in for when Isaac reaches the “why?” stage.

It really makes you accountable to what you are doing.

“Whatcha doing Mommy?”

“Playing a game.”

“You playing cards.”


And I begin to wonder, why am I playing cards when I have a cute, adorable, curious young man just begging for attention and wanting to have a conversation?