Date Night

Last night Zach and I had the opportunity to leave Isaac at home and do something.  Neither of us could think of anything too creative, so we ended up five minutes from home at the Movie Tavern, but we got to talk and enjoy a drinks and a movie.

Once upon a time, Isaac didn’t like being left without us.  He’d cry and cry and cry.  This is not so anymore, especially with Uncle Cody to play with.  (I think Aunt Susie and Ashley fall into this category as well, but we haven’t tried in a while).  Isaac was perfectly happy to push us out the door.

When we arrived home 2 and a half hours later, Isaac was in his third new pair of undies, his room was messier than I’ve ever seen it, the trains were every where, we had tiny tomato hand prints up the stairwell wall and I had a very excited boy running around.  He was seriously hyper and so excited.

I cleaned up the blocks downstairs, since they were out from earlier in the day and the three boys went to work on the bedroom.  There was lots of laughter, thuds and thungs.

And when I went up stairs for bed later, everything was in place, the only sign of lots of fun was the little hand print I found this morning. 🙂


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