We hold hands.  I can’t remember holding hands when I was little, but here we are 30 and 57 holding hands.  We walk along the beach slowly.  She starts to lean.  We take a break.  I can see the pain on her face, but I have no way to help her.  All she ever wanted was a family – to love and be loved.   She is loved.  She is loving.  I cherish the moments that I have with her.  She is the anchor that keeps me grounded.  She is my best friend.  Memories flood.

“Uga-buggas.” Garlic Chicken. Games of Nerts.
Birthday parties.  Late night chats – boys, friends, life.
Sewing. Shopping. Scrubbing and dusting.


She dresses up in quiet smiles,
perfect to the outside world.
……slowly she falls…..into his arms.


My mom is such an important part of my life, she is my best friend.  She was diagnosed with MS 17+ years ago.  She has been battling it every since.  Her physical disabilities has gotten worse recently.  I’ve been wanting to write something about how much she means to me, but I can’t get it out right.  Maybe some day it’ll come – this is today’s attempt.



3 thoughts on “She

  1. She may not tell you but I know she is thankful for all you are doing for her now. If being loved is what she needs, you couldn’t possibly give her more.
    Also, I think she would like to read this, it is very good.

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