When Memories Fade

I spent a large portion of today taking videos off of my mini-DVD and putting them on my computer.  I got the camera for by birthday back in 2003 and we used it like crazy.  But I had a tendency to not label the DVDs and they are all mixed up, you can get Christmas on the end of two DVDs from different years, so I’ve wanted to put then on my computer for a while so I can back them up and make sequential DVDs.

One of the main reasons I’d wanted a video camera so much was because Zach’s friend has recently died and he had taken lots of video and a friend put it all together and made copies for all the friends.  There was comfort in remembering the person and I thought it was great that he was continuing to be a blessing to so many people.  And I thought that is I lost any one I’d like to have some visual and audio memories and so, I begged for a video camera.

I enjoyed re-watching these little movies, it’s amazing how much we’ve all changed in the last 7 years.  And I forget little things, like that I had a birthday party at my house that year and the friends that came.  Or that for New Years we had friends over to the apartment, friends who didn’t know each other and friends that we rarely see now.

I filmed like crazy when I first got it and Zach proposed only a month later, I was hoping we had something from that evening on film, but no, it doesn’t look like we did.  But I can’t help but laugh at this quick clip of the two of us.  Why I thought we needed this video I’ll never know, but it cracks me up that Zach is only interested in grabbing my butt.


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