Almost 10 years ago I had to take a PE course as part of the general education requirements for college.  I had always liked dance and decided Ballroom dance sounded like fun.  This is far before Dancing with the Stars or anything like that that brought attention to ballroom dance.

I fell in love.  Two times a week, for two plus hours, I sweated my butt off, looked like a fool, but had oh so much fun!

The class was mainly made up of girls and we were encouraged to invite our guy friends to come and participate free of charge.  I tried to get anyone I could think of to come – more dance time for me if there were more guys.  For some reason, I couldn’t convince my new boyfriend (Zach) to join me, but I did manage to get a friend, Eric, to join me a couple of times.

For ten years I’ve wanted to go dance, but I need a guy who knows what he is doing.  Three or so years ago, Zach said he would do lessons with me – it was a valentine’s day present.  And somehow, we still have yet to do it.  Part of the problem is that we had a kid and then Zach has been pushing really hard to get school done, so we just didn’t have time available when the classes are, but….

Graduation is coming and Isaac isn’t breastfeeding and I’m sure we can find a babysitter, so guess what?  Ballroom Dancing will happen this year, probably in the next couple of months.  I’m so excited!


One thought on “Ballroom

  1. Other than my brief stint in CMA, I took one official dance lesson with my friend Trickey. I am not very graceful but it was fun. I think hell would freeze over before Cari would join me in a class or on the dance floor though LOL

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