I waited ALL day to go to the store.  We’ve managed to only spend money on dog food this week, as we topped our monthly budget with our St. Patty’s Day party, but I need cereal.

I’ve never been a cereal eater.  It’s been tolerable, but I’ve never been excited for it.  Zach likes it, Issac asks for it every morning and when I decided I needed to lose some weight I decided I could get a bowl of cereal every morning.  See, I have this bad habit about not eating until I get hungry and that could be as late at 2PM when I’ve been up since 7.  Very bad for my motabalizism.  Cereal seemed like a good solution for me – I don’t have to think about it, it’s filling enough and quick.  So every morning for the past several months, when Isaac wakes up I fix us both a bowl of cereal and we eat.

I’ve become addicted to Cinnamon Cheerios.  They are just darn good.  And today I ate the last bowl. 😦  Isaac ate the last of the mini-shredded wheats and earlier in the week Zach finished off the Kix.  And so a trip to the store was needed to stock up, even if it meant going over a bit on my self-imposed budget.

A few minutes before we left and the phone rang.  My mom was wondering if I found the wireless keyboard and mouse I’d told her I’d look for.  I had forgotten to look, but I found them while we were on the phone and told her we would drop them off.  We did.  And installed them.

Then we decided to see if Cody wanted to go get a burger with us.  He didn’t answer so we drove to the apartment and banged on the door.  After about five minutes he got up, and joined us in the car.

One of the best images of the day was watching Isaac, with a balloon in one hand and Cody’s hand in the other, running through the parking lot with a huge grin on his face.  Isaac sure loves his Uncle Cody.

We made a stop at Best Buy and Target for Cody to look for a game, then we journeyed back to the apartment to help Cody setup his wireless so his PS3 and laptop could get Internet.

Ron came home from work.  Isaac played guitar.

Second best image of the day: Isaac sitting on Grandpa Ron’s bed struming the guitar and singing his ABCs as loud as he could.

We left at 11ish.  No store.  No cereal.  I guess I’ll eat oatmeal tomorrow, but it is definitely not as yummy as cereal and I don’t really know when that happened.  I used to LOVE oatmeal.


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