Mommy Gotchu

Long ago I used to think it was so sweet when little kids would say, “Mommy hold you.”  In fact, I still think it’s quite sweet and I love hearing Isaac say it, but the one that breaks my heart is when he says, “Mommy Gotchu.”

It’s always said kind of under his breath, to himself when I’m holding him or keeping him safe.  It’s like he is reminding himself that it’s okay because Mommy has him, Mommy is in control. (Ha! Wouldn’t it be nice to always be in control?)

I love that I can be that safe place for him.  I always want to be that safe place, but we grow up. Some day I won’t be his safe place, he might come to me with problems, but I won’t be able to fix them all.  All I can do is try to enjoy and savor the moment and hold him just a little closer.


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