Adventures in Potty Learning – Update #4

I’ve wondered at what point does a parent say, “My child is potty-training!” (And yes, for the record, I still hate that term, just rubs me wrong).  Do you know the second your child has it all figured out?  I’m guessing, no matter how a parent has gone about teaching their child about the potty it wasn’t in one day (even though my parents seem to think it was).

And when people say that is it for daytime, nighttime, traveltime, whatever?  Or is it when your child gets the idea and has fewer than 2 accidents a day at home, but is still in a diaper at night?  I’m sure this is different for everyone and everyone goes about it differently.

Isaac has been having a really good week.  I don’t really keep track on the weekends, but on the weekdays I write down on my calendar if he has had an accident that day and if so the circumstances.  This week, not only has Isaac had NO accidents during the day, but he has also woken up for three days in a row with a dry diaper!  And, I haven’t “reminded” him to go to the potty….it’s so relaxing!

I’m excited for this change.  I enjoy not rushing up the stairs as fast as we can, but I’m cautious to say he’s done.  I’m sure things will mix our lives up and cause some regression.  I remember having nighttime accidents throughout my childhood.  Accidents are bound to happen, it’s part of being a kid, heck – it might just be part of life.

~~~~Adventures in Potty Learning: 1, 2 & 3


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