I’m a list person.  I like documentation.  I don’t know why, but we I start to get stressed or something isn’t working how I’d like, I make a list.  I used to have three different calendars so I could make three different lists.  It calms my nerves.

I find it especially soothing, when I know I have things that need to be done, but can’t be started yet, for whatever the reason.  Like when I have to pack for a trip, but the trip is still a week or more away, or when I’m planning a party.

So, of course, lists were made last week in preparation for our St. Patty’s Day Party.  The first list Zach marked all up, I can’t really fault him…he was marking the things he was going to do.  Then each day I made a new list because I hate having messy lists.

On Thursday I had two lists: TO and WISH LIST.  The things on the WISH LIST were things that I wanted to get done before the party, but if it didn’t happen, no one would probably be the wiser.  One item on that list was: Clean Fan.

We have two ceiling fans in our house, both of which could use a cleaning.  The one in the bedroom was horrible, we haven’t run it in ages because of fear that the dust would fly all over.  In fact, I wouldn’t even let Isaac bring his balloons in our room because I didn’t want them to accidentally bump the fan and cover our bed in dust.  It was gross, but Zach is allergic to dust and has asthma and such, so I always clean them.  And if I’m going to do it, I have to do it, not just half-way, so I generally put it of.

Our second fan is in our dining room, above our table.  It wasn’t nearly as bad off as the one in the bedroom.  Just enough that if you look up and actually look at it, you’ll notice a bit of grey around the edges.

At one point in the preparation, Zach asked which fan I was talking about.

“The one in the dining room of course, why would I want the one in the bedroom cleaned?”

“Because it’s gross.”

“Yeah, but no one is going to see it.”

And that was the end of the discussion.  A little while later I was upstairs for something, Zach followed me up and was weirdly stopping me in our doorway.  I eventually caught on and noticed that he’d cleaned the fan, apparently this was before he asked me which one I had written about.  So sweet that he’d go out of his way to sneak clean something that he never cleans to help me get my WISH LIST completed (it was the last thing on the list), even if it was the wrong fan, still made me smile and happy.


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