Sick Day

I don’t know how single parents do it when they get sick.

Today I’d planned to go visit my mom and allow Zach to get some schoolwork done.  I felt fine, got out of bed, ate, talked to mom and then took a shower and then I felt crappy, but I figured we’d still go.  When I got to Mom’s I had liquid #2 and then as soon as I came out of the bathroom, Isaac puked all over the kitchen.  I got it cleaned up, him calmed down and the rug in the wash and mentioned to Isaac that would should probably go home, he was immediately walking out the door – highly unusually for him when we are over there.

We were almost home when Isaac started coughing and then threw up all over the car.  I got home and got Isaac out of the car just in time to make it to the toilet my self.  Thankfully, Zach took over from there.  Isaac got a nice long bath before nap.  As Isaac was in the bath and I was laying in bed, one of our dogs started heaving and ended up throwing up blood.  Thankfully it was mainly on some towels that were waiting to be washed.  Zach got her outside and cleaned it up as I watched Isaac splash and have fun in the both.

During Isaac nap, I snoozed and watched TV between runs to the bathroom.  Zach got a bit of schoolwork done.  Then after Isaac woke up it was my turn to puke.  I didn’t know a stomach that hadn’t been fed in so long could have so much in it.  I got back downstairs and settled in, Isaac decided he wanted to lay on me and we were good…for about 10 minutes before Isaac puked…thankfully I had a bucket near by, so it was an easier clean up.  He snuggled in and quickly went to sleep.

Man, I’m ready to be unsick and I’m sure Isaac is too.  As for Zach, he has been amazing, I’m so glad he isn’t sick as well and I hope it stays that way.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be just fine so Zach can get some schoolwork done.  Keep us in your prayers.


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