Blast to the past

My grandparents delivered some 8mm tapes to me a few months back.  They were supposed to be my birthday and some video of me one summer.  I shipped them out and they were returned today.

I was thrilled that the first reel was labeled correctly and features my 2nd birthday.  How timely!  I so enjoyed watching the Isaac sized version of me, despite the fact that there is no sound.

Now, the second reel was a bit of a laugh.  It was labeled “Jennifer 1 1/2 years,” so when I was transported back to the late 60, early 70s I had to laugh.  The beginning is my uncles launching rockets and the end seems to be a recording of a TV program or something similar – made me feel like I was watching a Dharma Initiative video.

Isn’t it great what technology has done for us?


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