At some point, Isaac learned his ABCs.  I know it seems like I’ve pushed it on him, but really, it was the only song that I knew the signs to that would get him to sit on the potty.  Then he wanted to sing it all the time.  Now he sings it by himself.

With all his ABC interest, I decided he should be able to recognize the letters not just sing them.  So we started pointing them out on his mats, with his bath letters and on books.  When we color I’ll draw a letter and he’ll guess what it is.  He was pretty good for a just turned two-year-old.

Then he got his “puter.”  I was tired of him always pushing the buttons on mine.  Now I’m pretty sure he knows ALL his letters by sight in a variety of contexts (he gets frustrated if I ask more than about 8 or 9 letters and goes and does something else) and he knows the number 2 and 9…why 9 and not 1, I have absolutely no clue.  He does have trouble with a few letters…E and F he sometimes get’s confused and M, W and V, but those are easy mistakes for one so young.  A lot of the time he’ll also tell us the animal that starts with that letter because that is his favorite setting on his “puter.”

Last night Zach was playing with him doing his name puzzle….”I-S-I-I-C spell Isaac!”….his A’s sometimes sound like I’s, or maybe when we say it it sounds like I, too cute.  I’m sure he’ll have his name down in a few weeks.

It really amazes me how much these little guys learn and retain and want to do.  He also likes to trace the big letters around the house with his finger.  Might have something to do with my sound effects, but it’s a fun game for use both.

So in light of our love of ABCs….here are some of the things Isaac loves:

A – Animals
B – Balls
C – Cows
D – Dragons
E – Elephants
F – Fish
G – Goodnight Gorilla
H – Hippopotamus (I think he just likes to say it).
I – Ice
J – Juice
K – Kangaroos
L – Lions
M – Mommy
N – Newts
O – Oranges
P – Penguin book
Q – Quiet time
R – Rabbit
S – Swimming
T – Trains
U – Under
V – Vulture
W – Water
X – Fox (Ox, Cow?)
Y – Yak
Z – Zach (Daddy)

Do you see a theme?  Kid LOVES animals, pretty much of any kind.


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