I’m exhausted today, but as I look back at the day, there might be a reason.

I woke up to Isaac crawling into bed and we promptly went back to sleep.  An hour or so later, I wiggled out from between Isaac and Zach to go to the bathroom and lost my middle spot.  When I returned to the bed, I read for an hour or so, before Isaac decided it was time to “eat, eat.”

Isaac was excited to go to Gama and Papa’s house.  So we quickly headed that direction.  Zach got to work on taxes and I helped Mom apply for Disability.  Dad chased Isaac around and gave into his every whim for three hours – good thing they don’t really have candy, he loaded up on cheez-its, bananas, peanut butter, raisins, pineapple, yogurt and maybe a cookie or two.

When we finally got back home, Isaac was exhausted and went down for a nap and Zach and I got to work cleaning the house for our party on Thursday…but we got a little distracted – I cleaned the spice cupboard and Zach cleaned up all the DVDs, don’t really think our guests will notice.

We made our weekly and party shopping trip, which took FOREVER!  Don’t go to a store you don’t know if you don’t want to be there ALL night.

We cheated and stopped at Rubio’s on the way home, only because it was after eight and we were all starving and I needed to try there beans to see how close I got my beans to them (pretty darn close if you were wondering).

Now we are home, chatting and playing with Susie.

What a great, filled, well-rounded day!


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