I’ve been thinking today about friends.  I’ve always seen myself as a shy, introverted person, but in reality I’m a very social person.  I like to be around people, a variety of people.  I like to keep connections open and I’m quick to forgive.

Though high school and college, I wrote letter and emails to all my “friends,” I wanted to keep in touch with them.  I wanted to know what they were doing and I wanted to get together when we could.  Reading back through my emails 10 years later, they seem to be largely one-sided….me writing, begging to be written back, over and over again.

Enter the blogging world.  I do the same thing.  I comment, share my thoughts and opinions on others blogs when I feel I can contribute, hoping for some interaction…a comment on my blog, a response to my comment, but it is rare that that happens. (With exceptions and you know who you are).

Facebook…why do I post photos, videos and statuses?  Because I like to look at photos, videos and status and I try to give others an indication that I’m there, I’m reading, that they aren’t posting into oblivion.  I try to treat others how I want to be treated.

Let’s leave the online world and return to face-to-face interactions.  I like to get together with people, I try to coordinate book clubs, dinners, parties, etc., but I seem to fall short.  People don’t respond.  How can you accomplish anything without communication?  And when I’m invited to someone else’s event, I try to attend or let them know I won’t be able to, because I hate the wondering.

I reach out to people, this is what I do, but I wonder sometime why I do.  Why to I invite people over for game night, when no one will respond?  Is the no response because they are too busy, or is it because they really don’t like me?  Should I stop inviting them?  I’ve “lost” many friends this way, but I wonder, were they really my friend if we never did anything together and they couldn’t be curteous enough to let me know they couldn’t show up?  And when I stop organizing or ask someone else to “organize” the next get together, I suddenly don’t hear from the person again.   It really makes a girl wonder.

I’ll let the online world go.  I choose to post, with little regard to my audience, so I can’t assume everyone that is reading my posts are friends.  In fact, I can’t even assume that everyone who’s blogs that I read and comment to are even reading my blog, but man it’s nice to know who is (Thank you to those who do let me know your here! :))


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. You mean this isn’t Engadget Alt? Man am I in the wrong place 😉

    BTW, we are still planning on coming to the St. Patrick’s party 🙂

  2. I’m still reading…sad that I can’t be there for the annual St. Patrick’s day party,I am way sadder about that than I am about missing Christmas.

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