Little Big Helper

“Isaac, will you take Mommy’s shoes off?”  I ask as I laid on the couch reading my book.

I knew that he wouldn’t really be able to do it, as I had them double knotted.  What I didn’t expect is what that he didn’t whine (like he is so fond of recently) and instead waited a few minutes for Daddy to sit on the couch next to me and asked for help.  The two of them worked to un-tie and loosen my shoes, and Isaac pulled real hard as Zach navigated the shoes off my feet.

“Can you take Mommy’s shoes upstairs and put them by the door?”  I knew our bedroom door was shut, so I didn’t expect them to get into the room.

Isaac took off in a rush –  giddy and happy to be helping Mommy.  As he reached the top of the steps, with one shoe dangling by the shoelace in each hand, he shouted, “I be RIGHT back Mommy.”  And he disappeared.

“Thank You Isaac for being such a good helper.” I shouted up after him.

Later, when I went upstairs, I expected to see my shoes by the door, but they weren’t there, but the bedroom door was still closed.  I quickly looked in my room, in the closet where our shoes are stored and there they were.  Of course, I was talking and asking about my shoes and as I came out of the room, Isaac had made it upstairs too.  He was beaming from ear to ear as I asked him if he put Mommy’s shoes away.  I picked him up and gave him a giant hug.  He was so proud of himself.

This is very Isaac.  He is very much a helper right now, for most things.

Today, he picked up all he Legos and then, when he noticed I wasn’t paying attention/didn’t help/or wasn’t ready, he dumped them all back out and started to pick them up again.  When I joined him, he excitedly chatted to me about “doing it.”  He just wanted some recognition.  And we managed to pick up all the toys and dogs toys before nap.

Later, he insisted on helping me unload the dishwasher.  I don’t really like when he helps, especially after he has eaten lunch and hasn’t washed his hands, but I’ve learned it is easier on us both if I just go with it, excepting his glasses and plates and asking him to bring me dishes from around the house.

Isaac has one “chore.”  Everyday, I ask him to put the dog bowls away in the morning.  In the evening Zach asks him to set them out for the dogs.  Lately, every time I ask, I get a flat out “No.”  It takes several minutes of asking before he puts them away, but it makes me wonder…what makes this aspect of helping so undesirable to him?


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