The Evening

Our typical evening:

  • Zach’s re-entry time: Playing with Isaac, catching up with me.
  • Dinner: Sometimes we cook together, but lately, Zach plays with Isaac and I cook.  Then we sit at the table to eat.  We’ve been teaching Isaac to pray at dinner time.  He really enjoys holding hands and praying.  I just love the way he says, “Jesus name pray, Amen.”  It’s so super cute.
  • After-dinner: This is Isaac and Mommy play time, sometimes Zach joins us, but most of the time he has work to do.  I play on the computer a bit and Isaac chases the dogs.  Some days, Zach steals Isaac for bathtime.

Tonight we have Zach.  We spent a good hour laying on the bed chatting while Isaac jumped and went upside-down.  Then we moved down to the couch.  These are the special times.  I love the peace and calmness of us all being together with no other distractions, no phone, no tv…okay, I let the Internet slip in, but that’s a different sort of distraction, a quiet one.



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