Our back room is our everything room.  It is Isaac’s playroom, my office, our TV room, and our main entrance to the house.  We spend a lot of time there.  It is also the coldest room in the house – it is bordered by the great outdoors on two sides and the garage on the third, is on the bottom level of our house, doesn’t get the morning sun and several years ago we replaced the carpet with tile.  But in the afternoon, around 3, it heats up wonderfully with the sun shining in through the blinds, creating the perfect nap environment.

On Friday, Zach got home from teaching, as I was finishing up work.  He sat down next to me and cuddled in while talking to Isaac.  A few minutes later, I set my computer aside and snuggled up.  At one point, I’m vaguely aware of Isaac telling us he is hungry.  Later, I hear:

“WAKE UP MOMMY!  WAKE UP!  I WANT PEACHES!”  Followed by whiny: “Peaches.”

I’m try to wake up, but it’s slow coming.  I finally untangle myself from Zach and go get Isaac the easiest thing I can think of – goldfish and got back to the couch to get fully awake.

This caused a complete breakdown.  Crying and yelling ensued on both Isaac and my part.  Finally, Zach stepped in, picked Isaac up to calm him down, handed him to me and went and got the peaches.  Naptime was officially over.

Next time I nap, I’ll remember to make sure Isaac isn’t hungry.  A half coherent mommy and a staving child don’t mix well, but it’s oh so nice to snuggle with my husband in the afternoon light.


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