A little of this, a little of that

All day I’ve been thinking about what to write.  I do this often.  And seriously, most of the time I have at least two or three good blogs composed in my head, just waiting to be put to type, but by the time I get around to typing, I’ve forgotten what they were.  I honestly don’t understand how memory works…I can remember it all day, compose, rework, modify my idea and then it’s gone, all gone.  So much like when a computer crashes.

Maybe that is why I like records.  I write for the record.  I photograph for the record.  I video for the record.  I even use my calendar to record seemingly meaningless data.  Maybe it’s all to keep from forgetting.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite memories of the day:

Years ago I took this photo for our Christmas card.  We framed one and put it on the wall and it fell down a while ago so, it has been sitting on the floor.  Isaac has recently taken to laying on his belly in front of it, chin in his hands and feet in the air, just staring at it.  After a while I asked him what he was looking at:

Isaac: Dexi-dog and a Guinness.

Me: What are they doing?

Isaac: Fasting.

I cracked up laughing.   The kid says fast instead of run, but understands how to put an -ing on the end?  Crazy.

A little while later he was playing.  He talks a lot when he is playing and I love to just listen to him.  Today it was: “thank you the family and friends. Amen.”  Aww…our nightly prayer is sticking.

Later, this evening, Isaac was drinking water and he decided to spit it on the floor.  We’ve had this problem many times, he thinks it is funny because the dogs will follow him around and lick it up.  I told him that wasn’t okay and that he needed to go get a towel to clean it up.  He disappeared for several minutes and then suddenly:


Me: Good.  Are you going to bring it down to clean it up?

Isaac: YES MAMA!

I think it’s great how he likes to add people’s names to the end of things he says so you know exactly who his conversation is directed to.


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