On October 1 last year, I gave up pop.  It feels funny to write that, because I’ve never been “addicted” to pop or caffeine like many people are.  Around 2000 or so, I started drinking Dr. Pepper when I needed a boast or it was around.  I didn’t order a drink at restaurants, I always ordered water.  Over the years, my intake of Dr. Pepper (and slowly other sodas) grew.  Part of this is probably due to being married to someone who always orders a soda at a restaurant or fast food place and since we ate at those places a lot…

In October, I decided I would give it up until 2011 (with an exception for my birthday in November if I wanted it).  I made this decision for one simple fact: I heard on TV that if American’s stopped drinking pop they would lose 15 pounds in a year.  I wanted to lose weight and my pop dependency seemed to be growing, so it seemed like a logical choice.  The first few weeks were a challenge for me.  I’ve grown to expect pop with certain foods, so if we had those foods, I’d crave pop.  For example, at Taco Bell, I always felt like I needed a Root Beer.  I made it though…well past my birthday.

At some point, at the end of November or early December, Zach and I went on a date to see a movie for one of his classes.  We hadn’t eaten dinner and decided to stop at Arby’s.  I didn’t really want food, all I wanted was a Dr. Pepper.  And, as Zach reminded me, I hadn’t had any for my birthday, I decided it was okay.  And I paid.  I spent the night unable to sleep due to gas…burps, heartburn, farts and a general feeling of bloatedness consumed me for the night.  So, while I might not have lost any weight from my endeavor, I learned that my stomach problems might very well be related to the amount of carbonated beverages I drink.

I’ve had a soda or two since then, but I definitely don’t crave them like I used to and I try to avoid over indulging so I don’t repeat my unenjoyable evening above.  In fact, it’s February and I’d completely forgotten that my self-imposed date of Jan 1 had passed and I was “free” to drink whatever I wanted, until last week a co-worker said, “don’t drink any coffee.”  But I don’t drink coffee…I don’t drink tea…I don’t really drink anything except for water and milk.  We don’t buy soda or juice, it’s really quite bland around my house.  We keep some powder drinks for when we really just need something different, but in all honesty, that doesn’t happen that often.


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