Today was a day of song.  Isaac has learned how to sing and he sings about EVERYTHING.  It is so fun to just listen to the things he decides to sing about and when he can’t think of what, there is always “something” or “abc” 🙂

He started his day singing, “Jesus song, jesus song” and it migrated into a song about babies.  Later that same song turned into a song about animals…pigs and sheep were some of his favorites today.  And then in the car on the way home he sang a song about loving us and the trucks and the cars and he just kept going.

I can’t remember everything he sang about, but I know he had me cracking up.  I couldn’t believe the things he knows and pays attention to.

Children are amazing.  I’ve always thought that, it’s one of the reasons I worked at a daycare center for so long, but I don’t think I fully understood how truly amazing they are until I had one of my very own.  I child who I’ve felt grow in me and then watched grow and develop every day of his life.  I see the wonder and excitement, joy and frustration, curiosity and thought – I never realized you can actually “see” a child think…oh how I’d really like to know what is going on in his head sometimes!

“They” say that having a child allows you to see the world through their eyes and take pleasure in the simpler things in life.  I think “they” are right.  And as a result, I have more joy and more love, even if having a kid does add more stress.


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