Boiled Eggs

At 33, people expect you to just know how to make a hard-boiled egg.  I mean, how hard is it really?  Yesterday, Zach learned exactly how hard it is.  He needed a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs for his class.  It wasn’t until the class was working on there observations of a hard-boiled egg and a fresh egg that they realized none of the eggs were hard-boiled, some were slightly boiled, but that’s about it.

Zach had to over come (and I’m sure he’ll continue to have to overcome) the joking and teasing about the fact that he didn’t know how to make a hard-boiled egg.  He reviewed his steps with teachers around him and he has come to the decision that he problem is he boiled the water, then added the eggs, instead of adding the eggs and bringing it all to a boil.

I don’t post this to make fun of my husband, fact is, I don’t know how to make hard-boiled eggs either, not really something we do around here.  The reason I post this, is because I’ve been thinking all day how life and everything we do is just like this.

We can do everything right, it looks right, it feels right – it’s perfect, but upon closer inspection (a crack in the egg), it all comes spilling out.  How many time have I tried to say the right thing to make my sister feel better and instead I’ve caused a mass breakdown?  How many times to well intentioned friends ask a simple question that unknowingly rubs salt in a raw wound?  How many times have a thought I had the perfect plan and yet it all fell apart?

We are human.  This is life.  That is why we are asked to forgive and not judge, to love and not hate.  This is why Jesus came to shoulder our imperfections – to help us be perfectly hard-boiled.


2 thoughts on “Boiled Eggs

  1. It’s the amount of time you boil them for. About 15 minutes for hard boiled, 3 for soft boiled. But personal preferences cause variations.

    What I never figured out was how to stop the yolk getting a grey edge. I think the trick is in the cooling, but I can never remember if you should cool them fast or slow.

    You could always google it… 😉

  2. Admit it, you wanted to make fun of me a little!
    Also, I dig the metaphor! Made me jealous I didn’t think of it. 😉
    Perhaps another reason for Jesus is not to help us be perfectly hard-boiled but actually make it ok when we are not.

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